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Trying to pin down what causes it


I have had it for as long as I can remember, but only occasionally now. High doses of magnesium might have helped. Last night it came back with a wham. I took all sorts of OTC meds, with no relief. Finally everything kicked in, and I got to sleep. I've been keeping a journal of the factors. I finally pinned it down to one thing--going to bed late and being agitated late a t night. If I go to bed early, I don't seem to get it. I'm going to try the magnum spray. I have been taking Hyland's pills and using its leg cream, but it takes too long to work.

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What OTC meds did you take?

Many can actually cause rls- such as antihistamines.

Good on you for journaling- a lot of food ingredients can be guilty.

tealsea in reply to Madlegs1


I don't think anyone who has suffered from RLS is dumb enough to take antihistamines. One pill causes so much suffering, who would take it again?

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It doesn't cause suffering in everybody...

nightdancer in reply to tealsea

A LOT of people do not know about that. Especially newly diagnosed people. In my groups, it is a daily conversation. Many many people think "over the counter" anything is safe. That is why we say do your research. Especially when some doctors tell patient to "take benedryl, it will make you droswy". So even a lot of doctors do not know. So, we cannot generalize things.

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Interesting tealsea - I honestly did not know that about antihistamines. I am pretty sensitive to them so don't take them any more.

Dasymoo in reply to tealsea

I take a very high dose of antihistamines as I am allergic to everything

I take my antihistamines all year round as I get prickly heat in the sun. Hay fever is bad.

Fredanderson in reply to tealsea

Everyone's system is completely different. Believe me I have researched it for decades!

Pipsee22 in reply to tealsea

I have dermographism and need it so I don’t itch. I am seeing my allergy doc to see if there is anything else I can take in it’s place. It’s a double edge sword

Pluto46 in reply to tealsea

well, I didn't know about antihistamines - don't even know what they're good for, allergies perhaps?

One the doctors in my practice tried to prescribe me Benedryl for insomnia and if that failed she would give me Amitryptoline -- needless to say , I don't attend her any more!

Nearly every week we get people here on antihistamines complaining about having rls.

Debbie_ in reply to Madlegs1

I take amitriptyline every night as a migraine prevention medicine. But I suffered with RLS years before stating that. Is it a problem?

Tealsea you would be suprised at just how many people dont know that some antihistamines make RLS worse for most people so Madlegs was trying to be helpful and i found your reply rather sharp

tealsea in reply to Pippins2

Sorry if it sounded sharp. This IS text..... But I was speaking my true feelings.

nightdancer in reply to tealsea

Well, having managed RLS groups for 28 years now, on and off line, I can tell you that many many people do not know this. When you find doctors who do not know, it is not surprising that new RLSer's would not know either. RLS is complicated, and there are a lot of things people do not know. I always push people to do their research, but when you get a new member who just is in a panic and has no knowledge yet, then we have to help and be kind about it.

Fredanderson in reply to tealsea

No wonder your sharp,RLS will do that to you!

Not all antihistamines make RLS worse. I take Allegra every day and that is one that does not.

Tealsea, I can cure you. The best thing for you is my personal attention. It's guaranteed!

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