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This is my first post but I have been lurking for a few months. I have unrelenting 24/7 RLS brought on by spine surgery. I do get relief from a combination of Tramadol and levodopa/cardidopa. I hate taking the latter because I hate how it makes me feel. Recently I came across a device for pain management called Actipatch. I think I am going to try it (it isn't expensive) for my lingering lower back pain -the reviews are impressive-but am wondering if anyone has used it for RLS and, if so, how was it applied? Thanks

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The Actipatch is available from Boots in the UK and costs £22.99, but it's out of stock at the moment. It does seem to have excellent reviews for back pain.

It will do nothing for your unrelenting 24/7 RLS which I suspect is due to Augmentation on the Levodopa ( the dopamine agonist most likely to cause Augmentation). If your RLS was initially controlled by Levodopa but has now stopped working and your RLS is more intense, and is affecting other parts of your body, then you will need to reduce the Levodopa slowly with the help of higher doses of Tramadol. You'll need to speak to your doctor about alternative meds like pregabalin.

Read a lot of the other posts on here, particularly those posted in the last 2 days and you will see others suffering in the same way. Look at the replies and the links posted. Read all you can as most GPs and neurologists in the UK know very little about the condition and you will need to become an expert on the subject so you can point them in the right direction.

Do ask any more questions as there will always be someone who can offer help and suggestions.

Whippetmama in reply to Joolsg

I did not have RLS prior to my spine surgeries. My dose of levodopa is too low and intermittant to cause augmentation. I am mostly able to keep control by taking tramadol (it is OTC where I live) at the very first sign of the RLS acting up. I am lucky in that I seem to get an "aura" 'first. I only take levodopa if I miss the aura and the RLS activity has started. Thanks for your input.

BTW, Amazon carries the Actipatch.

Joolsg in reply to Whippetmama

Forgive my assumptions. It was you writing that your RLS was unrelenting 24/7 that made me assume Augmentation. Glad it is under control.

Thanks for posting about the Actipatch as my hubby has bad back pain so I’ll buy him one.

I should have been more specific. If I am not medicated, the RLS does not stop. It has taken me a long time (it seems) to find a combination that works. That and marijuana.

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