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Restless Thighs



Just came across the message board.I have had for the last month or so a restless annoying feeling in my thighs.Felt like at times when I was walking that my thighs felt weak just above the knee and that I wouldn’t be able to walk.This never happened,I just had the feeling of it.I seen myself pull my foot up to my bum just to give the thigh a stretch.

Seems to be the last week or so if got this restless feeling in thighs most of the time(especially when I’m sitting thinking about it)

When I’m at work and go and have been going about doing some physically work,after I stop I seem to have the feeling of weakness above the knee again and I just feel a bit unsteady again.

Does this sound familar to any of you guys experiences with RLS.


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It doesnt sound like RLS to me. Do you have the urge to move your legs, an urge you cant resist, not just moving your legs to another position. Also i havent heard of any one having weakness in their legs. Have you checked out the criteria for RLS, which will give you a better idea if you have RLS.

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The criteria for RLS

Busiberyl in reply to Hidden

Thanks for reply.

I read criteria

Some things sound familiar.I do have the urge to move them,but not all the time.I seem to find myself giving my thigh muscles a stretch more than anything else.

I’m still managing to sleep so it’s not affecting that.My muscles seem to be giving a twitch every now and again aswell.

I’m going to have to go and get it checked out.

Thanks for reply

Hi and welcome to the forum. I haven't had the feelings you describe but stretching my thigh muscles by pulling my foot upwards at the back till it hurt was one of my standard reliefs until I damaged a tendon in my knee, now I have pain when I climb steep stairs, so be careful with the intensity of the "pull".

I wonder have you had a trip, twist or fall which might have affected the muscles or ligaments above the knee?


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Hi Neil

Thanks for reply

I haven’t had a trip twist or fall that I can recall that could have affected left leg,and it’s probably been the worst for weakness/numbness/restless.

Right knee I did get a kick on the side of it playing football last year and it has been stiff and tender when bent so maybe has had an effect on it.


An earlier post about RLS (I forget from whom) mentioned that there is a pressure point just under the right knee, on the outside of the leg. I wonder if that might contribute?

Really all of the dignostic criteria that Elisse has pointed out should be current for a diagnosis of RLS. Hopefully when you get your check something else will be the culprit. I wouldn't wish RLS on anyone. Please let us know how you get on.


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