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Restless Legs Syndrome
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To Jess3648 Valerian

To Jess3648- I really can't comment to much about valerian. I was taking Calm Legs for my RLS and it was in the tablet. I also have sleep apnea and didn't want to take to much of it cause I didn't know what kind of reaction I was going to have to it. I didn't use anymore than a quarter to half a tablet and it knocked me out good. The doctor said it wouldn't harm me. Ask your doctor first or try calcium/magnesium it helps relax you so you can sleep better.


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Oh hey!

Sorry — just saw this. Happy new year!!

My hubby just bought me Hyland’s Restful Legs tablets, but I have yet to try them. Once I get over my jetlag (just got back to Norway from vacationing back home in the States), I will try these.

I’ve pinpointed the cause of my increased leg pain while on the ORB Sleep Complex tablets — Valerian root. I had the same reaction before with two other herbs (tumeric and one other), so it just made sense.

I’m glad your tablets are helping you!

Take care,



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