Restless Legs Syndrome
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Christmas cheer!!!!

Had one glass of wine with pre. Christmas lunch. Suffered RLS from 2 30pm until 10 30pm.

Never sat down all evening. walked the floor. Went to bed, 10 minutes later all kicked off again. Had very little sleep. Christmas day, out again for Dinner so tired, not feeling my best .Ah well here we go again.Thank goodness family and friends are so understanding. Used to me carrying on conversations while walking around in circles.

Merry Christmas all my fellow sufferers.

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And Merry Christmas to you too, Eileen. I have just typed a post to Bganim on the self-same subject. I hope your Christmas Roundabout ends soon.



I have cut out wine, chocolate,cola and caffeine with my rls. Happy new year to you.


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