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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Suffering in Spain

For the last 2 months I have tried to follow a regime of cutting out the ¨Triggers¨ and increasing my intake of vitamins, herbs, spices and natural foods as suggested by rlcure.com

I do not take any of the usual suspects Pramipexol etc as suggested by my doctor.

I have seen a huge reduction in the RLS attacks during the day and also in the evening. I have been unable to sit and watch any TV for the last few years as my legs had to move.

But, sadly at night I have not seen any improvement so still lots of lost sleep.

I am still tweaking my ´Treatment´and perhaps will stumble over a cure for the nights as well.

I just have to remain optimistic.

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Sorry you are still suffering. rls.cure.com is not a cure. A cure means that you would never have RLS again. Stop the "diet" and your RLS would still be there.


Hi Peter-caribe

Kudos to you for staying away from Pramapexole. It eventually stops working and actually causes augmentation. I have a severe case of RLS and can sympathize with everything you said.

Have you tried Lyrica? It has worked wonderfully for me in keeping me RLS free during the day. But it doesn't help with sleep. I recently discovered CBD oil to be taken orally. Research it. I get I from CBD Plus. It works wonderfully for me to relax my central nervous system and it helps with my sleep. Blessings!


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