Saw my gp this morning and she understood my worries about roprinole. She feels I should stay on 0.25 and is happy to see me before I have to increase. She will monitor me and not let augmentation happen. I have been so tired today and can’t function. Must be drug as did sleep with no RLS

She suggests I try to cut my co codamol to one instead of two and maybe in time cut down pregabalin which I also take for bladder.

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  • All those 3 meds can make you sleepy, but glad you had a good sleep with no RLS. Sounds like you have a great GP, who knows that increasing the Ropinerole can lead to Augmentation. :)

  • hi, please excuse my ignorance but what do you mean when you say ropinirol can cause augmentation as I am on 1mg daily and a bit confused/concerned.

  • Just what I have read. As the dose increases the condition may worsen and need more and more so end up worse than ever. Others can explain it better

  • Yes I will have to try to cut down others as today I could not function at all

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