Here i am on the computer at 4:30am , RLS. I have had this for many years, it has been gone for away, but, now coming back in my lower back area. Sooo frustrating when having to get up early in the morning. I tried medications in the past, now i am just on a thyroid medication.. not interested in any other meds, I believe there is a natural cure out there somewhere for anything. I have a few autoimmune symptoms, i wonder sometimes if i have MS. But, as i read others have RLS as well. help this is insane.

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  • Hi Ljarret, that doesn't sound good. And I -as wel as many others here, I assume- symphathise with your sitting at your computer or phone at this time of day. And also with not wanting any more medications that may or may not help.

    Your lower back RLS doesn't sound like typical RLS, though. Never heard of, but others may.

    First thing that comes to mind is having tour spine checked by a chiropractor or some. Have a look at posts from Lauraflora.

    Hope you'll get it resolved soon.

  • Yes, my spine has been checked, and is not good. I was on a disability, until there was a mix up, and i was denied, I was forced to go back to work.. I am back in a factory, which i thought would never happen . So, yes, my body is not liking it. And then shift work days, and afternoon, body does not know what to do. I have been to a Naturalpath, and we are working on sleep patterns.. I think i will go to physio for my back.. ultrasound, and tens might do it some good.. I have tried chiropractors all my life , when i need it. Thank you all..

  • RLS can effect the torso and arms as well. When my RLS is bad my whole body is in uproar. Ljarrett25 I can feel your frustration. It seems like a cruel joke at times.

    Have you looked into Gentle Iron? There are many of us using and benefiting from it, a quick search will get you rolling and I am sure others will chime in but basically us poor RLS sufferers cannot store iron in our brain properly which is needed to utilise the dopamine.

    Long story short 25mg in the evening on an empty stomach with a little OJ and you shoud find benefit. Even getting normal iron levels people benefit, (the tests check blood not brain levels). Worth knowing if you can take iron as too much can cause problems, (family history of iron overload, any meds that would effect it).

    I hope this points you in a good direction, take care.

  • What is gentle iron?

    Also, is there a way to get tested for low iron levels in the brain, or is that just an assumed thing for all RLS sufferers? If so, what about those who haven't had RLS their whole life? Do they just all of a sudden get low iron levels in the brain?

  • Gentle Iron:


    Don't think there is a test for brain levels. You can get serum blood levels checked easily enough.

    There are a few good journal articles dotted about that discuss it, I can't think off the top of me head. It is well known that a side-effect of low iron is RLS, seems like a simple one to rule out. Worth double checking with GP in case you are one of those who have too much iron in your system.

    Take care.

  • That's really interesting / as I cannot store iron and take 200mg each morning but I might change and take it before bed - I have stopped taking the pramipexole as I have put in weight which I don't need !! Tonight I am trying eucalyptus oil rubbed into body lotion on legs to perhaps take edge off ! Walking around the bedroom

    Flicking your legs is just no joke

  • I have found that the Gentle Iron will relieve my RLS provided I take it at night. Works surprisingly well.

  • Hi I am starting gentle iron tonight and told doc I have stopped pram tablets - eucalyptus oil is nice but does not get me to sleep - doc is also checking my stored iron levels to see what that says - I am on fluoxetine 3 times a week but don't know if this is having an adverse effect too - I really am tired

  • Good luck. Glad you're working with your doctor. I take it about 45 minutes before bed and several hours after I've eaten dinner so that my stomach is empty. Hasn't failed me yet.

  • Did you ever report how the iron went?

  • Hi I have only taken it for three nights but taken co dydramol as well as so need sleep- I am waiting for blood results too - I will let you know x

  • Hi just been to see doc and she says iron is at 8 I asked her about this 80-100 score and she did not know what I was asking ! My iron count has always been between 7-9 over the last 6 years and I take 200ml each day and also gentle iron at night now / am I asking For the wrong test ?

  • Ferritin levels needs to be around 100 for RLS people; iron between 7 and 9. The difference (as I know it) is Ferritin is the iron store in the brain and iron is just iron. (BTW, I got the same shocked response from my GP when I told her what my Ferritin levels should be. GPs know what the levels should be for non-anaemics, but not for RLS.)

  • Hey,

    I apologize. I got the iron levels wrong. They're supposed to fall between 9 and 34.

  • Castor oil to i have tried. did not work..

  • Hiya I've got restless legs to so irratating I'm on mess for them but physio sed off my back to but still nothing done doctor won't give me painkillers 😡

  • 3 nights of insomnia this week because of restless legs. it let up 2 nights ago and I am feeling more myself. I still had to work but depression was tough to deal with. I started taking B12 drops after reading one of the blogs. I think it is helping. I hope so. Also I am starting to take iron. My blood test came back normal on everything but I have also read on the blog that folks with RLS need higher levels of magnesium and iron and so I have been supplementing. I don't know why this week was so crazy. Maybe just an episode or maybe introducing B12 and iron will continue to help. It seems like every time I find something that helps I rejoice for a couple of weeks thinking I have found the answer and then......I haven't. :(

    I was augmenting on mirpax that I had been taking for about 10 years, so then ropinol for a couple of months and now Gabapentin which I read horrible things about. The Gabapentin is new. I started going to the gym again and stretch a lot every time. I think this seems to help some.

    This blog really helps me not feel so alone and misunderstood. After telling my doctor I had been dealing with insomnia she recommended a warm glass of milk before bedtime. AHHHHHHHH!

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