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Advanced RLS, and suger


I was diagnosed with RLS 4 years ago. I take 2 Ropinerol at night. It helps, but now it is affecting me in the daytime. My neurologist wants to put me on a patch in place of the Ropinerol. The pharmacy called me and told me the cost would be $400/month. I can't afford that. I have found that the day after I binge on sugar it is much worse. Any thoughts?

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The course of action advocated by the neurologist is in line with established practice.

The cost is unfortunate and I don't know if rhere is a viable cheaper alternative.

Sugar is definitely a major trigger for rls. Just as many many other ingredients are.

I find raising agents in biscuits (cookies to you) are dynamite. Also high salt.

Antihistamines and SSIs ( Amitryptoline especially ) are also bad.

Keeping a food diary can be helpful.

The fact you only got the rls 4 yrs ago indicates a trigger source.

Are you low in iron? Worth getting a serum ferritin check. -- should be about 100 or slightly above to be good.


acourtney98 in reply to Madlegs1

Actually my RLS was diagnosed closer to 7 years ago. I have done more research and have found that the severe pain I have been having in the morning is rebound caused by the loss of Ropinirol in my blood. It's like RLS on steroids. It affects my entire body. I feel as if I need to stretch my entire body to the point of arching my back and pointing my toes. Thank God it's over by 9 a.m. or close to then. Interestingly, I have several mutations affecting the uptake of dopamine. I had my DNA analyzed by Promethease. I worked in molecular biology for 20 years, so I learned a great deal from that report, plus all the computer research I did with the information I got.

Mine is always much much worse after eating sugar. If I eat ice cream it's terrible and today I had blueberries and some watermelon and that triggered it some. So any sugar is bad for me, natural and definitely processed sugars

My intake of refined sucrose is very low nowadays, but I find that if eat a lot of naturally sweet food my RLS is certainly not helped. Conversely, if I eat a lot of "slow burn" carbohydrate, oats for example, then I can manage with a little less ropinirole.

Just looking at web information on the subject, I've just found:

"A low protein-high carbohydrate diet decreases D2 dopamine receptor density in rat brain."

I wonder, and have wondered in the past, whether my vegetarian/vegan inclinations in my mid to late thirties into my forties isn't at least a contributory factor to my problem.

Madlegs1 in reply to ironbrain

Fascinating - thanks.

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