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Excellent day and night

Had a remarkable day and night completely free of rls and plmd. I've proved several times that what works for me is alternate walking and sitting (not too long for either) yesterday was a day of great variety - walking on carpet, stairs, wood, uneven pavement stones, grass, tarmac, uphill, downhill, sitting for up to an hour on theatre seat, cafe chair, low, deep soft chair, bus seat, dining chairs of various types, my own three chairs that I move around between etc. It works but, at the age of 81, not every day can be full of such variety. Just grateful for a night when I only got up once, after 6 hours sleep, then slept for another 3 hours. Can't remember when I last had a night like that!

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glad to hear you had a good night x


That's great!


It is lovely to read such an uplifting post. Thanks


I have livestock to take care of and a micro-farm, as well as hobbies. Activity is one of my magic pills. :)


Like all of my successful ways of dealing with rls it's not consistent. Had an active day yesterday but here I am at 3am pacing around.


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