Restless Legs Syndrome
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Thank you for letting me join your group. I have suffered with restless legs since I was a small child. When I got married my husband kept waking up with me moving and rubbing my legs against his. He now has no hairs left on his legs due to this. It has been very difficult to get diagnosed with this from my GP or my neurologist. They all keep telling me I have nothing wrong with me. I do have poly arthritis and severe asthma also fybromialga but my GP doesn't think I have anything wrong. He says it's all in my head all the pain I get all the shaking I get, also I fall over a lot so I do use a wheelchair. When I try to walk about outside I find my legs give way and shake a lot which causes me to fall. It is so good to read about others having similar problems with uncontrollable shaking and pain although I am very sorry for everyone with this condition. I look forward to reading the posts and getting some advice from people. Thank you

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Don't thank me, I told them not to let you join :) :p

You are not the first to run afoul of an incompetent Dr. They can't deal with your problem and instead of looking for an answer for you - they blame you and try and convince you that you are mad!

New Dr time I am afraid. Regardless of whether it is in your head or not a more gentle approach is called for than you got, sign of a poor practitioner imho.

Take a wee look here:

see if what you have conforms to this. Sometimes there are many conditions with similar symptoms and it can be hard to decipher what exactly is going on, there could be PLMD in there too.

Can you be a bit more specific about your symptoms including when you experience things worse and what if any drugs are you using?

You are very welcome here and you will soon know much more than most Drs, good luck.


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