Restless Legs Syndrome
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Don't chop your legs off!!

I had rls for over 20yrs and tried everything. It was only when a new GP I saw who had researched rls prescribed clonazepam 500 microgram per evening gave me almost instant relief

I was lucky to get maybe 1 hours sleep at night and wished I could have my legs amputated

Now for the last 25+ Years I very rarely get a episode

Also my son and daughter suffer as well

Hope this helps someone

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Gad you are getting relief with the benzo, others have found them beneficial, have you been on them long?


Yes about 20yrs


Bloody hell if I ever find a drug that works for 20 years I'd be delighted, that is great for you.


yeah that is how I feel I want to chop my feet & legs off. when in the hospital they give me morphine that really helps but I cant walk around like that all the time.


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