Restless Legs Syndrome
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Blood tests

I now have results of blood tests and my ferritin level is low also discovered an under active thyroid so lets see what these tablets do and if my legs get any better. I have persevered with cutting down ropinerole but found I had to take 1mg in the morning otherwise my day is ruined. So I cut down 1mg at night and I'm coping up to now. Now I am on 2mg a day instead if 4. Its not easy but I am trying.

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Hopefully the iron will help. Good to see you cutting down on the drugs. Long may it last.

Take care.

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Well done on cutting down on the drug. Take it slowly so you don't have bad withdrawal symptoms from it :)

Good luck and stay strong.



Getting your iron levels up might help slightly with the symptoms you get when reducing the ropinerole - as to which well done for cutting your dose in half. Maybe you should let yourself accustom to that dose for a little while before reducing further?


Thank you I will take time to reduce them further.


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