Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have now cut down my ropinerole from 4mg to 2mg over a period of 4weeks . At first it was really bad in the afternoon then got slightly better. However when going on holiday found it was almost constant during the day without the ropinerole. Think it was all the food and wine so perhaps diet is a major factor. Will see when I get home but still trying to keep to the 2mg at night and sleeping well. Regards

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SOME foods and drink can be a trigger for some people. Its a matter of watching for the triggers and then not eat or drink that again.


I completely agree. Food is the MAJOR factor in my case. Keeping a diary of what I eat everyday and see how I react helped me so much. I try not to drink at all now but if I need to for special occasions I have to make it worth while by getting completely plastered :)) c

Have a great time!



That last 2mg is really hard. Sadly, alcohol makes it harder. I stopped drinking all alcohol 11 months ago during ropinirole withdrawal. Are you going to stay on ropinirole or come off it completely?


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