Restless Arms Syndrome?

Does anyone have arm spasms as well as leg spasms? I woke the other night with my legs going mad and my arm jerking as well, the reason I had awoken? I'd given myself a black eye!

At the moment, on a scale of one to ten, the restlessness is on about a twelve and I'm averaging about five hours a night and it's affecting my short term memory.

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  • Hi - welcome- what's your medication history?

  • Gabapentin (Just come off Oramorph), Ropirinole, Ibuprofen, Levothyroxin, Metformin, Amitriptylene, Indapamide, Omeprazole, Perindopril and Atorvastatin


    You are a walking pharmacy.

    I don't have time to go through all the medications or even to figure whether you actually need to be on all of them at once.

    I can pick out the Ropinerol as probably causing your full body rls- if you have been taking it a while and increasing the dose. Search Augmentation.

    Also the Amitryptoline is generally regarded as a cause of major distress for rls sufferers.

    It would be an idea to talk to your pharmacist on a quiet day ( for them) and review your medication completely.


  • Omeprazole is also a trigger for me and many others also.

  • Thanks , John.

  • I've had the pleasure of waking myself up with my twitching arm which smacked me in the face while about a rude awakening!!

  • unfortunatly i have knocked my dog off the bed when my legs have started at night,the poor thing looked at me with such a look that could have said what the hell was that for..

  • What Madlegs said plus just picking up on you recently coming off Oramorph. Stopping an opiate can cause a temporary worsening of RLS. What dose is your Ropinerole? X

  • What Madlegs & pippins have said^^^

  • Yes,I get it in the arms as well.try running cold water over your wrists.

  • Yes, I sporadically have arm spasms. When I do I will raise both arms while I'm in bed and slowly pump my fists until I can't hold them up anymore.

    On the restless legs, it sure does help to walk out into the cold. Calms the electric jolts running through my legs

  • hi bublgum, i thought it was only me who walked on cold concrete to try to calm rls

  • Yes, I get it in the arms and hands as well. It was when it got that bad that I started to look for a solution. I've found it to be food related.

  • Yes I get in my arms too (or more specifically my left one). It is quite common for RLS sufferers.

  • For me it is restless limb syndrome, legs and arms in equal measure. It often starts in one limb and as it eases the next starts up. Worst nights it does 2 laps!

  • Yes around 5 pm every evening my hands and arms drive me nuts. At least when I get the movement in my legs I can stand and walk to stop it. But when it's in my hands I can only rub them and that doesn't really help. I take Percocet which really helps me most of the time. I would rather take something else because of the negative attitudes toward pain killers but have tried all the other meds for restless legs and eventually they stopped working or made it worse.

  • Yes I have the same sensations in my arms as well and I think my last GP who diagnosed me with RLS expected it to follow. I know it is related because it is exactly the same sensation (undescribable) as I get in my legs.

  • Thanks for the advice. I shall try it, perhaps it is the walk from bedroom to lounge over tiled floor that helps then. That's the legs sorted, now for the arms!

  • I have always had full-body RLS. According to American research I read about 12 years ago, around 20% of those most severely affected have this. My doctor initially denied my self -diagnosis of RLS because, she insisted, "you can't get it in the arms". So I downloaded a large amount of US research data which, to her credit, she read, and now fully accepts it to be the case.

  • I,too,get it in my arms try running cold water over your wrists.

  • That sounds scary to me . As the condition advanced into my entire body, my partner got punched as I slept. this condition is so tormenting and hard on the mind. there have been milder tortures used to break the mental state of the victim. And many of us have to endure decades of this hell. It makes me have to laugh at the crybabies who run to a safe place because of hurt feelings.

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