Curry or wine spritzer or BOTH :))

Hey everyone,

I had my first alcohol taste after nearly 3 weeks! Also had a curry!

When I got home my legs were very twitchy ! So tell me it was curry what triggered my RLS! (Please :))

I am finding it fascinating when introducing food/drink slowly and find out what makes it bad or no effect at all. I shall carry on experimenting.

Have a lovely day peeps,

Or have a lovely long weekend and happy May Day!

Thanks again to all of you who gave me a hand on my journey!

B. X

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  • I'd blame the drink.

    A simple experiment - have a curry tonight and see what happens OR have a feed of beer :)

  • I am sure it was the drink too! Cause I had curry before and I was fine! :)))

    I was hoping you would lie and say "curry " ;)

    Thanks Raffs,

    So I shall pay a price if I want to drink!


  • I think sometimes we have to bite the bullet and take the RLS so we can have a 'normal' time.

    I have ME and sometimes I work too hard and it destroys me but, like an addict, sometimes I think to hell with it and push myself so I can enjoy an activity knowing I will spend the next couple of days doing little other than sleep and post here. It is a pain for those days but for the couple of hours I am 'normal'.

    I save the drink for the very odd wedding even though I am in for a bad night its worth it imho.

  • You are right,

    I miss my normal times. I worry now when I introduce new food/drink in case I react badly. I am so hard on myself when it comes to any medicine too..I like pain obviously ! ;))

    But I will listen to you and drink tonight as it is my wedding anniversary! ;))

    Or maybe not! Can have alcohol free stuff as I don't want to suffer afterwards :) do you see what I mean? :)


  • Hi- yes- definitely the alcohol (sulphite).

    Curry depends on whether home made or takeaway. Msg is usually the culprit- I find Thai green curry is dynamite- and I love it- but can't take the horrific rls it causes.

    I find Erdinger Alchohol Frei beer is as near to "proper"beer as possible and no ill effects. It can be difficult to source here in Ireland but watch out for it. Any good bottle store should carry it.

    All the best- and Happy Anniversary.

  • Now that I rarely drink I do like to savour an odd beer. I am gluten intolerant too so I get a double wammy form the barely/hops and the alcohol.

    I really like Effes - a Turkish larger but it is near impossible to find in my part of Ireland and no one seems to be going to Turkey as much any more so none coming back, (my late mother used to bring me back a couple of bottle regularly). I miss the sunny evenings and a cold beer in the back garden :(

    Looks like I'll have to stick to the oul Cocaine and Heroin :) :p

  • Efes is a fine beer! Tesco sells it here in the U.K.

    I can send you some?


  • Thanks Bkc1777 that is a very kind offer, but my legs say no :) I do get it occasionally so I really savour it when I do get it and think its better that way, (my wife agrees as the PLMD ramps up with alcohol too).

    That is a great example why this site is so fantastic. Thanks again.

  • Anytime, remember I am the person if you need Efes :))

  • Madlegs,

    Thank you!!

    You might be right that it could of been curry as it was in a restaurant. I had curry before with no side effects but that was homemade. So I shall keep an eye on it.

    I don't drink beer but thank you for the suggestion.

    Might have to find some alcohol free wine.

    B. X

  • I make my own curries and avoid msg anyway, and I've been suspecting chilli.

  • When I make my own had no problem with rls but this was at the restaurant with some wine so not sure what the actual trigger was.

    I will test it soon.

    Thanks for the reply.


  • I know that your comment was a while ago but I have only just read it (so many good comments on this site!) Interesting, as I have come to the conclusion that sulphites do not help RLS. I can drink spirits (though I don't drink often) but wine will set off my RLS almost immediately. In a way you confirmed my suspicions - thanks.

  • Good to see that some people (the highly intelligent ones , of course!!) are doinf their research. Glad you got some beneficial info!!

  • No problem at all. I can now drink it though. My rls has been disappeared since I have started my supplements. Also I have just made the decision of stop donating blood as my rls iron related! Also I get mild rls around the time of the month. :) Good luck to you ... hope you are as lucky as I am.

    Take care.


  • Happy anniversary - if ever there was a need to drink it is on wedding anniversaries :)

    You could always stick to the ecstasy and avoid the problems alcohol brings :) :D

  • Raffs,

    "Are you married?"

    "Don't rub it in! " :))

    I don't know where to get any ecstasy, I have only got the agony. :)


  • Ah I am, its not so much the marriage that makes me want to drink more the teenagers :)

    Harry Enfields Kevin wouldn't have a look in.

  • We got some of those! The joys of having teenagers. Love it!!! 😓

  • Bwahahaha

  • Congratulations Bck on your special day. :) Well worth marking the occasion, one way or another. ;) :) Enjoy your day. :)

  • Thank you! Will mark it for sure! :) anything to make Rls go away ;)

  • Happy Hitchin day


  • Thank you. Xx

  • I drink kumbacha. Over here we have a brand called Dr Brew. Very tastey. Bubbly.

    I don't drink because of bad reflux but I can handle kumbacha. It's festive. 🥂

  • Haven't heard that either. Will look into it :) thanks

  • My silver anniversary Tus day so hoping I can have just one small drink but will see how brave I feel!😃

  • Them small drinks are dangerous! I have lost count of the nights I went out for 'one small drink' and din't manage to get home til the next day :)

  • You sure love your drink? Or you are a real party animal? . :)

    Or I blame the teenagers. :)

    B. X

  • Go for it :)

    B. X

  • Hi I would love to say it's the curry ,but unfortunately a lot can't drink alcohol,it doesn't seem to affect me SO FAR but you never know when you feel game try another spritzer with just a hint of wine

  • Will do , tonight :))

  • A lucky one who can drink.!! :)

  • Hi Elisse , yes am lucky so far ,although I don't drink a lot

  • Happy Anniversay Bkc.!! I would say the drink as alcohol blocks the neurotransmitters, i think i have that right. Nightdancer is best for that type of info. But i know alcohol blocks something which means we will suffer, sad as it is. I used to love having a drink on occasions, but i found its now not worth the bad nights.

  • Hi Elise,

    I will have a read Nightdancer's post. Thank you.

    I will have a go at it again tonight to see if it was alcohol or the curry. Although we are going out to Chinese restaurant for the anniversary so i might not be so sure if it is alcohol that triggers it. Cause I believe Chinese food have msg in them?

  • Pretty sure there's MSG in Chinese plus lots of salt. Can't eat it myself as I get awful reflux. Think there's lots of vinegar too- same with BBQ sauces- in gact all bottled sauces.

  • That's what I thought but I was fine! Lucky I guess :)

  • well done ,life is too short for me to worry about foods triggering the rls,i will not let it rule me,have a good weekend

  • Thanks for the reply. I agree with you but as I don't have any back up medicine to calm my rls down, I feel that I must be very careful what I eat and drink. I believe it makes such a difference.


  • I'm good with alcohol, as long as I drink the same amount every night! If I don't drink for a few weeks my legs will be sore after the first drink. If I drink one bottle most nights for a month, but then have a session ill have savage pain the next day.

  • Really? Alcohol is the trigger for most of rls sufferers! Interesting indeed.

  • Only know what works for me. I've always put it down to fluctuation creating an imbalance of dopamine. I'm the same for caffeine, Ok as long as it’s consistent. This said, I’m having a bad spell at the moment and no idea why, so going to keep a food diary. The link between food and RSL has been the biggest revelation since joining this group

  • I am ok with the same amount of alcohol too...just a glass or two of red wine sometimes is fine in the evening, then later some bicarb in water to stop the acid reflux!! little difference on the dry nights....yet some nights are hell but cannot discover why....often if I have a social time....and possibly cheese....have gone off curry, so thats not a problem...

  • I drink a lot of water after alcohol for the dehydration but never tried bicarb a go! Will sure try to remember next time. Thank you


  • One, wine, vodka, poteen? Constant alcohol use, even low use can cause health problems later in life, not to get all preachy but the liver likes a day or two off a week!

  • Raffs, Raffs...

  • If you have to say ‘not to get preachy’, you know you’re getting preachy. I have kids, so it’s one bottle of beer a night and the very occasional night out. But there are others on this group who may drink more, or take other substances, so maybe avoid any comments which might stop them from discussing their RSL.

  • This is a site that deals with health and RLS - drinking every day is not advisable for people with RLS and indeed not advisable for anyone, (even one bottle a night).

    I said not to get preachy as a way of trying to avoid the defensive attitude people adopt when you mention their recreational drug use!

    I have been very open about the drugs I use and why and have had plenty say they wouldn't touch them but I am an adult and know I am being supported. I wish you no harm and by all means continue your habit, if you read any of my posts you'll know I encourage chat - you appear to be stifling it!

  • You are only trying to help. :)

    Have you tried dulce yet? :)


  • lol nope the Mrs did the shopping :) she's keeping too good an eye on me :)

  • Everyone is different... so I respect you. But Raffs is only trying to help so no offence should be taken. :)

    We all are here to help one another.


  • Hi i did not believe for a minute that foods could trigger rls but defo say for me curry and cheese make me worse tho not entirely the cause .hope that helps.

  • Thank you for replying.

    It is interesting isn't it? I am experimenting with food and drink everyday since I have given prami. So far it was the alcohol/curry that triggered it. I will see how I get on.

  • You know what? I was just thinking about asking the group today is there are foods that increase dopamine....

    Anyone follow a plan that increases dopamine?

    Cheers 🤓✌

  • Good idea. Look forward to reading some ideas. :)

  • You can google to what foods can increase dopamine. But never heard of anyone being able to increase dopamine which would reduce any symptoms. Its not that we dont have ENOUGH dopamine cause we do, what we have gets blocked, so it cant reach to where it should do.

  • Thank you. Will do.

  • Funnily enough when I have the 5 am RLS, I have discovered that getting up and having coffee allows me to get some more sleep. Having looked it up,caffeine is said to increase dopamine...??? ( haven't tried it at bedtime )

  • You need to try that a bedtime. I am wondering if it was the being up and moving around that actually let you get back to sleep. Let us know how your experiment goes.

  • Lying down on my knee works for me most of the time!

  • Really? I cut out all the cafeine in my life as much as I can ! But before the rls I could of have all the cafeine in the world but still be able to sleep! That was normal me then. :)

  • All the high fat and sugar foods should increase the dopamine. I tend to crave those at night and I put it down to lower dopamine levels at that time.

  • Oh that is me too. Sugar cravings at night. Crazy sometimes...🤓🍭🍨🍧🍦🎂🍰

  • If you have the sugary stuff then that would stop you sleeping though wouldn't it?! :))

  • It does bother me. I see a big difference when I cut back on sweets and quality sleep

  • Very naughty Raffs! ;)

  • A full tub of Ben & Jerrys can go like lightening in my hands! I have to watch myself or I'd pile on the weight.

  • Hehe! Cookie dough per chance? :)

    If you are exercising than you can eat the whole tub right? ! ;)


  • There is a limited edition coffee ice cream with salted caramel swirl and chunks of chocolate its my current fav, but I enjoy all ice cream except for raspberry ripple, never liked it.

    Would never be fit to do the exercise that would allow me to eat all the ice cream I'd like to.

  • Ohhh you're killing me.

    I like Hageendaz Dulce and seasonal Carmelized Pear.

  • I haven't had the Dulce, that's now on my shopping list, (although how I'll get it past the Mrs is beyond me :) )

  • Enjoy! :)

  • Surely our bodies burn fuel to keep warm, so ice cream should help us lose weight.......or

  • Alcohol blocks the dopamine receptors in our brains. That is a proven fact. Sorry! But, it is generally considered high up on the "no no" food list.

  • :)thanks. glad I am not much of a drinker in that case. (Apart from special occasions. )

    B. X

  • Me neither.

  • I KNEW it block something. lol

  • Its was my birthday yesterday and my family treated me to a chinese takaway, i am happy to say chinese food has no effect on my RLS, and i have eaten it on more than one occasion. :) For me, i have found NO foods that are a trigger for my RLS.

  • Happy belated 🎉 birthday . I am happy to report that Chinese had no effect on my rls too. Had one and a half glass of red wine (with loads of water beside) too and actually went to sleep fine and woke up in middle of the night with little twitches and took my iron tablets and off to sleep after that.

    Long it may continue.

    B. X

  • That's so nice to hear about the iron for you. Yay

  • I am so relieved that I can get away without any medicine. I am lucky for sure.


  • Happy bday. ☺☺☺☺

  • After finding E202 to my my main trigger, with coffee as a mild trigger, I've been suspecting chilli as a mild trigger. Sad, because I hate bland food, and chilli is one of my favourites. 😢

  • Oh no! I couldn't live without spices! Saying that I would have to if it was making my rls worse! Anything to have a less twitchy body! :)

    I am sure there are some spices you can use that doesn't trigger it?


  • I have noticed that when I drink any kind of alcohol a few hours before bed then my RLS kicks in

  • I thought quinine was for leg cramps not rls.

    Thanks for the reply.


  • Try quinine pills.

  • Noooooooooo!

  • When I was on Klonopin, I couldn't have any alcohol at all as it made my symptoms much worse. I weaned myself off of Klonopin with my Doctor's blessing, took six months and was horrible, but now, I can have a glass and not a problem! At all!! I only take hemp oil now. NO thc.

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