Please read: RLS and pregnancy

Have you ever experienced RLS during a pregnancy? It doesn't matter when it was.

If so, please consider completing our online survey. The purpose of the survey is to gather information from women suffering from RLS during pregnancy (current or past pregnancies) that will help shape an intervention to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life during and after pregnancy.

The survey is anonymous.

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  • Are there any other surveys or research being undertaken to find out what causes RLS or how to treat it?

  • The answer is yes and no Hightower. Somewhere in the world there is probably always some RLS research going on. And, more importantly, we on here are constantly doing our own research. I have said this before, but I think people with RLS need to accept that for now, the cavalry isn't coming. If you've read some of the stories on here you will begin to get a picture that the best treatment with the fewest side effects and that provides continual relief with no augmentation is ferrous bisglycinate (about 25mg) taken before bed on an empty stomach. ALWAYS check with doctor before undertaking a regimen of iron. Or if you're like me and you know that you don't have an iron overload disorder and you know that your ferritin is in the normal range then I feel comfortable in saying that you can try the bisglycinate for one or two nights before telling your doctor that you plan to start a regimen of iron. My understanding is that a 25mg capsule of oral ferrous bisglycinate will give you about 10mg of iron because only about 40% at most gets absorbed into the bloodstream. It is not inconceivable that at any given meal (especially if you live on a ranch in the state of Texas) you are getting 10mg of iron. And the chewable vitamin that my son used to take had 18mg of iron in it. So we're talking about a really small amount of iron that I consider quite safe. But still if you are unsure as to whether or not you might have an iron overload disorder do not take even that 25mg until you check with your doctor.

  • I passed this link on to my daughter who experienced rls in 3rd trimester.

    When I asked her if she had filled it in , she said she had tried but had been asked to log in and set up an account- which- being a busy mum she wouldn't have time to do.

    So - is there a quick way to do the survey.

    If this situation is correct- that may explain if there is a poor uptake.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Sorry but there appears to be some confusion here. There is no requirement whatsoever to register or log in to an account to complete the survey. The survey is three pages in length and should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Our sincere thanks for you asking your daughter to also complete it.

  • Grand!

    I'll get on to her again.

  • Completed it! Mine started in the third trimester of second pregnancy.

  • Thank you Joolsg. :)

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