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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Newbie saying Hi

Hi everyone

I have suffered with burning feet and RLS for as long as I can remember, as a child I can remember laying on the floor in my bedroom with my feet sticking out of the window. I had no idea at all what this was until about 10 yrs ago. I have tried so many ideas, suggestions and medication mostly without joy.

My doctor is fantastic and put me on pramipexole, 2 at luchtime and 3 at night together with 3 amitriptlin and a quinne table. I know its a lot of medication but I take medication for other illnesses. I would much rather take all these tablets and only have less attacks than give up all the meds.

I cannot sleep/cope with my feet covered up, whether that be in bed, at friends, dining out etc. Its not just the burning feet, its the kicking out of my legs that I have no control over.

Im so pleased to have found this group and fellow sufferers...I hope to learn and maybe try alternate treatment...but whatever I now can share on here without fear of been seen as a moaner xx

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Hello there,

Welcome on board. :)I love this site! Amazing people! Learnt a lot myself and hope you do too.


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That's a whole lot of medication you are taking.

Is the Pramipexol at a rate of .088 per dose? If that is so- you would be on about 0.45, which is way too much.

Amitryptoline is generally regarded as anathema for rls- but if it is working for you , well and good.

Quinine is useless for rls and actually banned by the FDA. It does allay cramps.

I'm not clear as to how you are at present with all that medication- are you still suffering restless legs , is it better or is it getting worse?

Do let us know!




The medication list is a long one which includes quick release and slow release morphone.

My health isnt good, I have fibromyalgia, spondilitis, severe arthritus in most joints, have had both knees replaced and my hips need replacing. I have burning feet and RLS and suffer depression, I had a stroke almost 3 years ago so on meds for that too. My mobility has deteriated rapidly so now have to use a disability scooter.

I do occasionally get a bad bout of burning feet and rls and the only way i ease it is walking on the grass to cool my feet down, cool feet is a good start to calming down the rls.



Hello Welcome aboard to the best disco in town!...πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚


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