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My RLS has been kept to a tolerable level with Tramadol and if I avoid triggers can sleep thro' most nights. I decided that I would like to become a bit fitter but was aware that this could make RLS worse. I signed up for a 45 mile charity cycle ride and have been trying to go out training 2 or 3 times a week but my RLS is quite bad at the moment (arms and legs, up 3 or 4 times every night) preventing me from achieving a training routine. Any advice/ experiences? Do I give in or just "man up" and do it?

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  • John- sorry to hear your troubles.

    I'm on oxycontin ( similar to Tramadol) and generally am free from rls except for stupid trigger malfunctions.

    I don't have much reaction to exercise but would try building up gently and slowly. I do short Adventure races - 30km cycling plus shuffling and kayak. I'm 70 yrs young.

    Hydration is extremely important.

    All the very best in your efforts.

    Might be worth taking some vit C as well.??

  • This is how mine started - almost a year ago. Training for a 40 mile bicycle race. I developed horrible leg cramps every night then RLS, then both. No Sleep at all. The day before the race I did a training ride and crushed it. I went home cooked and ate some pasta, went to bed. I slept an hour and a half then up all night walking around. I didn't do the race. Coming back from that I would do very short, low intensity bike rides. Iron supplements eliminated the RLS but I'm still plagued with insomnia. Yes to hydration and sea salt in water.

  • Well Dic, I think you know me, and I hate to make this recommendation, but I think you need a little relief from insomnia. I was prescribed this drug for IBS but found that it induced sleep and then I read in small doses it does induce sleep. It's called Remeron/Mirtazapine and several people on here use it for depression. I have 15mg tablets (I think they're 15) and I cut them in four and let one quarter dissolve under my tongue at night. For a long time I did this every night for the IBS and then I ran out and didn't refill for a month. No withdrawal symptoms that I was aware of. However one or two nights after a couple of weeks I remember awakening and feeling a twinge of anxiety. I found it interesting, not scary. And fell back to sleep. I feel confident that it was my brain returning to homeostasis after years of the 4mg of remeron.

    It's quite affordable especially if insurance will pay a portion and my doctor has no qualms about refilling this prescription. It is not a controlled substance in the US and has a good safety profile.

  • Thanks for that advice. My insomnia is not debilitating at this point. I sleep, but have numerous awakenings. Leaning more toward the inflammation theory of RLS - even without higher Homocysteine or CRP. Started a jag of anti-inflammation supplements.

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