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Restless Legs Syndrome
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How to come off paramipexole?

Hello everyone,

Firstly , thank you to those who helped with my first post. It has been very helpful. I have been trying the low food map diet where I can and I think it certainly helped me. I stopped drinking tea/coffee but switched to decaf. I tried to cut down sugary food as it seems that is the trigger for me.

I have watched C5 and thought what a waste of time but in the same time I felt lucky that I wasn't that bad ! Anybody here have as bad RLS as one of them? If so , I really do feel for them and hope you find the best cure to ease the pain. Thinking about you all.

Right , main question is this: I have now want to come off paramipexole! It has been 8 months now , started with .25mg but obviously augmentation kicked in last time I posted and I put the dosage down to .088mg. I have now started taking feroglobin iron tablets and magnesium it has been 3 days but I think it made a decision difference. Probably too early to say but I will wait and see how I feel after coming off paramipexole.

When I asked the doctor a while ago how to come off she said that just stop! Only to take when my Rls is bad! But the prospectus/medicine leaflet doesn't say that!

Anybody out there can help on this? Please? Thank you all so much in advance..

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Just seen pollyh59 post. :) thanks and will let you know how I get on :)


Wow; well done you - you have been very pro-active. I won't repeat the pollyh59 post as it is pretty comprehensive.

Some people come off pramipexole quite easily (and hopefully that will be you) but for others it can be an ordeal. If you find it is getting very rough, you could try asking your GP for tramadol or oxycontin (though these meds do bring some problems of their own). Very little else will provide much relief if things get rough. Once you get the drug washed out of your system you should find that your baseline symptoms are less severe than they appear now.


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