Restless Legs Syndrome
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Deficiency and rls

Ive been suffering from foot and ankle pain for over 20 years. Been back and forths to my gp with no joy. Then 3 years ago i was diagnoised with b12 deficiency and iron deficiency. I thought i was getting somewhere but no the pains go worse to the point that the only way i could actually sleep was by putting my feet in a bowl of ice or in some occassions midnight walking baregoot in the snow. Ive had brain scans, ultra sounds galore and everything comes back inconclusive everytime. Is therea link neywreninetal amd vitimin deficiency and rls

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If you had iron deficiency - what iron was tested? You need to know your serum ferritin level- if its below 70 to a 100 , you should take iron under supervision of your Dr.

That will be a good start.


Im not sure which iron. Ive been trying to get access to my medical records without has me on folic acid 5mg and he did day at the time that the amou t was negligible.


Ok- that's a bit of a dilemna so!!

Depending on how aggressive you feel about your health rights , you could either demand your results or ask for a serum ferritin test- simple blood test.

What country are you in?

In Ireland there would be no such question- our med records are our property.

There are others here who can advise you better concerning iron issues.--- trelight/ involuntary dancer????


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Hi Snowlady. I would say there is a probable link between vitamin / mineral deficiencies and rls. There are all sorts of issues around vit/min deficiencies and absorption, free radicals and inflammation. RLS is a neurological-movement disorder. All sorts of things affect the neural pathways. Stress certainly doesn't​ help! Somehow the body needs to be able to find the point of equilibrium which is lost through homeostatic imbalances.

We experience pain to alert us something is wrong, but our neural circuitry can sometimes become over-sensitised and give a heightened response.

Hopefully in time your symptoms will settle down.

I wonder whether you have looked at integrative nutrition?

A-J 🌻

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What is integrative nutrition?




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