Restless Legs Syndrome
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restless legs

HI ihave suffered in silence for years thinking it was stress until tonight i seen an advert on my tv about a restless legs programme on tuesday on channel 5 at10pm .if it helps anyone out there i put a bag of frozenpeas onmy legs at night take a co-codamol sometimes my feet in a bowl of cold water i really believed i was the only one suffering with it i dont smoke or drink but on hearing about it i am on my way to the doctors wish me luck

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Hi robroberts-uk

You are definitely not alone with this. You only need to look at the number of threads on this forum. I would suggest you read some of the postings on here before you visit your doctor. Unfortunately not many doctors know much about RLS.

Have you visited the RLS-UK website? There is a section For Professionals which you may like to point out to your doctor if need be.

Do you take any prescribed or OTC medications that may make your RLS worse, ? Here is a link to Medications to Avoid:

You may like to ask your doctor to check your ferritin levels. For a RLS sufferer the level needs to be higher than for most people ie 70 or higher.

I am sure others will reply soon.

Look after yourself and let us know how you go on.


What has really helped me is the low fodmap diet. Many people don't bother trying it because it's seen as another treatment method which won't work. I can definitely understand that mindset. But this diet has worked for me so far, and the work is paying off. It really isn't that hard, you just have to do your research and plan ahead for meals and snacks etc. Good luck.


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