Restless Legs Syndrome
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GP's reaction to restless legs

Visited GP last night and asked if any med better for restless legs than Pregabalin as this was no longer effective at night. I suffer extreme pain, even standing up doesnt ease it now.


I then asked him about the drug Repinhol and he did prescribe it for me. Hope this will do the trick.

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Hi, is pregabalin a dopamin agonist like pramipoxile as i have not come across this one before and am interested? I take the latter and it works very well most times for me depending how tired or stressed I am. I have some really bad nights but mostly not bad.


SteveT, pregabalin is also called Lyrica, its not a dopamine agonist, its used to treat epilespy, its similar to Gapapentin..


my goodness, i wonder if he/she would have to put up with it if they suffered from it !!!, hope the ropinerole works for you


When i hear of stories like yours who have doctors who are useless, it makes me so angry.

I hope the Ropinerole helps you now..


Those are the doctors that really make me mad. They can help you , but they have to be pushed into it. Lyrica/Pregabalin is also approved for use in Fibromyalgia in the USA. Have not found it to be really helpful with RLS, from people I talk to and listen to. Some can find it helpful for the pain part of it, and people with Fibro are 13 times more likely to develop RLS, but not the other way around, fortuantely. Ropinierole may or may not work, as it is all trial and error with meds every day.

So, I wish you luck, and let us know you get on. :)


I had one of "those doctors* and then heard what you and

others had to say about there being "better doctors" out I have somewhat of the opposite who is very liberal

with handing out medication.

Switching doctors caused some conflict in my family here but

it's the right choice for me and I do not regret having gone

through the channels to change doctors.

Our human rights are to be pain-free, symptom free if treatment

is available, and if our doctor does not know enough about RLS,

then he/she needs to refer us to a doctor who can help us.


I'm off to my GP tomorrow as after months and months of codeines, tonic water, iron pills, decaff coffee etc my RLS is getting much more frequent and painful. As he looks most things up on the internet before he makes a decision I am taking the link to this site and a few other articles on RLS. Hoping to persuade him to give me Gabapentin. I know it works for me as ... I've tried some! A friend has RLS and i took a few days of his tablets. Not recommended I know. But I've done my own trial!

Good luck to twitchycardifflegs X


Dangermouse..just my personal experience with Gabapentin,

I gained weight fast on it. That doesn't mean that you will but

make friends with the scale as soon as you start it. I gained 8

pounds in 3 weeks..I had to be taken off of that...

You are right though, it does work to settle those legs down.

Taking those 8 pounds off took 3 months..then I was put on

pramipoxile and here I am, cutting wayyyy down on my calories

and fats but I am still putting on about 2 pounds a month..I walk

as well..

Karen ~ USA


Thanks for the heads up Yikes -weight gain will be difficult as I'm a diabetic and it will mess up blood sugars etc -but I've had diabetes for 30+ years so I'm *fairly* competent at sorting that out! Good to know though.

Gp gave me Gabapentin ! Only 100mg once at night -that did it for me on my 'illegal' tablets but if it stops working he says it's a very small dose and I can safely increase it.

Hope the pramiproxile is working for you.


thanks all for taking the time to write your comments. I have to cut down on the pregabalin and start the reprinhol a week later. Hope that this does the trick, I have been give 1mg which seems to be quite strong so fingers crosssed. Good luck to all of you who are starting new meds, I will keep you informed about my progress because it may be of use to others. Dont know if this will do the trick as I've had rls for 45 years but only had treatment for past 6 years so any help is welcomed.


4 days later, how's the new medicine working for ya?


no improvement yet, starting work early from next week so hopefully I'll be so tired I mite sleep before the legs play up. Thanks for asking


i find that the ropinerole does work i am on 4mg slow release i have the odd bad day but it kinda works for me hope u ave success wiv it


Some GP's are so sympathetic. You can't help but be touched...


hi guys i had a night from hell last night, but it has passed now, this morning i feel good little tierd, very hungry, my ropinorole just had no effect on it, don't no where to go to from here, back to gp i suppose, well good luck to you all in your qwest for relief .


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