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Hi am new to this site and I have had RLS for about 3-4 years. I get all the time, morning and evening. It kills me. Lately my hands have really shaky. My legs shake inside though. This condition has changed my life, can't do what I used to do. Am 42 with 4 children and am married, Hubbie works away so it's hard when am not well.

Is it just me or do other people rely on the medical really badly? I can't manage without tramadol or co-bendopula (I know it's spelt wrong) and all the others. Am fed up and in pain today

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Sorry you are in pain today. If your meds are not working then a trip to your doctor to discuss this and the shaky hands and shaky legs from the inside

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Also check that you're not taking trigger meds such as anti histamine, antidepressants and cough meds.

Also many foods set it off- high salt , alcohol and too many more.


HI Sarah sorry to hear about your suffering. I think everyone on this site can really and truly sympathise with you in some shape or form. RLS is just horrible (not really a strong enough word) and can ruin a life. What other meds have you tried? Have you got a good/sympathetic GP and/or consultant? Take care x


Hi Sarah, I have been on the Fibromygelia part of this site for years and only stumbled across this part by a web search. I have RLS too, have done for about four years. Not sure if it's a fibro symptom or completely seperate best guess is linked as all to do with pain and nerve endings.

I am always trying to find natural alternatives to Prescription drugs. The best I have found to help is magnesium. I take a supplement three times a day but apparently it's best absorbed trans dermally so I use magnesium oil and magnesium bath flakes. I struggle to get in and out of the bath and so don't do it often enough, a friend suggested I sit and soak my feet for thirty minutes so I'm going to try that. I think the oil is fab, it gives relief for the RLS in calves and also pain I get in my knees.

Unfortunately the best relief I get is from the prescribed Diazipam, two 5mgs daily. It relieves about 80% of discomfort for me. I regularly stop it for a few days, just to show myself I can, but whilst not getting any withdrawal symptoms the RLS comes back with a vengeance and have to take strong painkillers too.

In my opinion, for me, the long term use of the diazipam outweighs the pain and suffering of RLS.

Hope you find some relief



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