After a month or so on gabapentin it seems to be working well at the moment (fingers crossed, touching wood). As I also have fibromyalgia I take 300mg in the morning for pain. Then 300mg at 5pm then again at 7pm. This seems to work OK for me. Was supposed to take 2nd dose at lunchtime but this made me too sleepy around 3pm. Have taken up yoga as well as the running I already do and the exercise helps and now I am sleeping better it's easier to exercise x

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  • Long may it continue linda.


  • I am aware that it will probably stop working after a period but I will worry about that when it happens x

  • That's fab - it is really interesting to hear of cases where gabapentin works. Am shamed by your exercise regime.

  • Did it not for you?? X

  • Actually I haven't tried it - was on pregabalin for a while but it didn't have any impact on the jumpy legs. I then took Oxycontin (this is all post augmentation) and eventually ended up on a cocktail of drugs - each at a fairly low dose - but with improved iron levels am gradually reducing doses all round (hooray).

  • Hooray is right. This is spectacular. Do tell how you improved your iron levels. You should change your name to Happydancer. Cha cha cha!

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