Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless nights every night

Hi there. I'm being driven mad with a constant discinfort, starting with my toes through to my foot into my ankle up the left side of my leg into my knee then hip... this is every night and has no caused me to suffer really badly with insomnia. I'm kind of scared about telling the doctor as I don't want to come across as needing tablets to sleep. I've had plantar faciatis on this foot too. It's literally driving me insane. I've tried everything physical from cold packs to feet on the wall. If you guys have any ideas I'd love to hear from you. Nick.

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The search bar at the top left of your page is a gateway to all the info you need on RLS Not so sure about the pain in the toes there is some good diagnostic info on the following sites:


might be a good place to start.


Does paracetamol relieve your symptoms? if so - it's possibly not rls.


IF this is happening EVERY night, at some point you have to bring this up to your doctor. Non med things to suggest, and it is all trial and error, hot baths, compression stockings, (no need for the expensive foot wraps and stockings, any kind of compression MIGHT help you), some people swear by them. Also, having RLS means your dopamine transport system is messed up, so it is not reaching our brains. Iron helps transport dopamine, and since RLS is neurological, there are many meds to try, and other things, to treat the RLS, not necessarily treating the sleep. AVOID at all costs, any over the counter sleep meds that may contain Diphenhydramine. Will make you want to peel yourself off the ceiling, for 99% of us. You did not say if you are on any meds for anything else, since many classes of meds can make RLS worse or even trigger it.


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