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Anti sickness medication

So my RLS is playing up AGAIN I'm meant to be on 2mg of Ropinirole but can only take 1.5me as they make me feel sick and vomit if I take a higher dose. The doctor prescribed me anti sickness mess but that set my RLS off even more. I know the Rick of augmentation but when you suffer every night all night without Ropinirole you really don't have a choice I've tried pregabalin gabapentin and codeine none respond any more.

Does any one know any nausea tablets that don't set RLS off??

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Domperidone 10mg anti sickness tabs did not interfere with my RLS.

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Domperidone and Zofran but you may be better switching to one of the other dopamine agonists eg Mirapex ( Pramipexole ) or Neupro patch as Ropinerole seems to cause the most nausea x


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