Restless Legs Syndrome

What an awful might

Well here I go decided to just stop Ropinirole, took codeine and sleeping tablets,. Well I relented and took 1mg at 4am. I had had enough all day yesterday, oh how my legs jumped, really hurt my right knee. It is just 1yrs since I had a knee replacement and it was so bad, the pain was awful. I had forgotten how bad it was comming of tramadol. I eventually got some sleep from 4-30am

Ican't keep this up, so glad I have appointment with GP Tuesday.

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Oh dear, sorry you had such a rough night. I dont think the codeine is strong enough for you to get through the withdrawals from weaning from the Ropinerole. Good luck on Tuesday with your doctor's appointment.


Yeah withdrawal is a bitch, I've done it so many times and it is always a 'killer'.

Hope you get some peace soon. What dose of codeine are you taking? The 8/500mg ones wont cut it - to take enough to get the proper amount of codeine yo help the RLS will result in a paracetamol OD!!!! IF you are on the low ones get your GP to up them to the 30/500's


Cheers raffs Di you think pregablin (lyrica) would help to get me through my holiday, what you suggested is no longer available to buy, it has been banned in UK, & some of sites say they have withdrawn stock & will be closing. Cheers shaft 1952


Not too sure, it helps some people but I've found lyrical/gabapentin both as useless other than some sedation, (bloody to tired to pace!) and an ungodly appetite!

Keep looking the teacher will arrive when the student is ready!!! :)


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