Restless Legs Syndrome
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This RLS is non stop work 😟 When others that don't have this condition which is great for them but for us they can eat cookies cake drink do whatever they want. It's hard to watch others do this when I'm at a Christmas party New Years party. So when I go to these parties I have to make sure to take my meds early or I would be so miserable and I would feel weird because I wouldn't be able to just relax and socialize at all. Thank goodness the slow release meripex I take will allow me to at least not feel like I would need to lay down at 7 while everyone else has a great time and I'm asleep or miserable and embarrassed about. That happened to me at a party with my girlfriends I grew up with. We got together in the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee where I grew up and we were having a great time will I had to lay down early because of my medicine and we were drinking wine so that was not good. I'm glad they did understand and I wasn't judged at all just missed out on some time with them. I'm not going to let this RLS control me anymore I need to control it. 🙂 Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and don't let the RLS take control of you

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It is terrible how the legs can mess up an evening - too tired to go out, to jittery to go out, too depressed! The list goes on, normally made worse by individuals who haven't a clue about RLS talking sh1te!

I'm sorry things are so bad for you at the moment, hope they get better soon.


Hope things improve ,you sound depressed are you on anything for that ,I know we all go through s--- and it stinks ,but we do have some good times too ,thinking of you ,,hope you and everyone else has a great new year


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