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Hi, just want to add what has been working for me. I've been taking magnesium for rls for many years now. Starting out with half a 300mg tablet until 3 years ago when I progressed to the whole tablet. I have found that sugar seems to bring on my rls and have tried to cut back but is hard to cut out completely because I have a sweet tooth. So I learned that sugar is an acid and the two highest alkaline foods are lemon and watermelon and the highest alkaline substance is bi-carb soda. So when I overindulge with desert or sweets I squeeze some lemon juice into half a glass of water and add a pinch or 1/3 teaspoon bi-carb soda. This has always settled me so that I can sleep however last night I had to repeat the drink after 3hours sleep because the restlessness returned affecting my whole body. I feel the source of the problem starts in my back rather than the brain. I will make more effort to cut out sugar and even cut back on carbs like rice and potato because the problem is starting to worry me although I feel I have natural treatments. This is why I googled for other rls sufferers and felt my treatment information could help others, so hope it does. I would be beside myself if I hadn't found this relief. Good luck to those that take this on board.

P.S. water melon really helps too.


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  • That's great.

    What sort of magnesium do you use? There are so many different kinds!

    It's good that you are getting control of this affliction.

  • I use Blackmores bio magnesium. Its magnesium oxide-heavy 440mg and magnesium phosphate 175mg described as total equiv. Magnesium 300mg if u can figure that. I live in Australia so don't know if it is available overseas.

  • Thanks. I'll check it out here in Ireland .

  • Thanks for sharing that info. Like you I find that sugar and simple carbs make my RLS worse so I follow a strict paleo diet which seems to help. I'll try to add some watermelon as well. Sadly magnesium didn't make any difference to me but I know it helps others.

    Hope it keeps working for you,


  • Thanks Jools. I know magnesium varies. You could try Blackmores bio magnesium if you can get it. It is mag oxide-heavy and mag phosphate. I'm not diabetic becausr I've been tested sso wonder why the sugar upsets my system but just have to be stricter with my diet to reap the rewards. Maybe I will lose a few kilos as well which wouldn't hurt.. I read on a website that cervical chord damage plays a role in development of rls which makes sense to me. Don't forget the lemon juice if you are out of sorts

  • Although the tablets will help, you will get more help from Magnesium Oil. You need to rub it into your legs in the morning and again before you go to bed.

  • Ok. Thanks for that 7tally7. I quit my few sugar treats yesterday & did not need the alkaline drink although I had some watermelon & wouldn't skip the magnesium. Had a very peaceful sleep so is well worth the sacrifice!

  • You can buy Blackmores on Amazon. I take Magnesium and also lemon juice as well as prescription drugs, and if i forget the first two I do think the RLS is worse....and will try to remember, thanks Myview.

  • Watch out the above product has a postage cost of over £12, so may be better to find an English supplier !!?

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