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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have had "happy feet " as a young adult years before RLS was even recognized. I remember the first time I met someone who also had "happy feet".It was enlightening to say the least. This sensation moved to my knees-thighs and then to "happy hips' Always worse at night.

As of late as I lay down on some nites I find my whole body restless and I toss back and forth quickly-at times feeling ready to "explode". About a year ago I started having these "vibrations" in my chest-I mentioned it to my MD and got no response. Now I am experiencing restlessness in my chest which I think resembles RLS!!

I am sooo happy to find this site and know I am not going crazy. I was afraid to even tell my MD because I thought I would be labeled "anxiety" or worse. Thank you.

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You are not going crazy but likely to be labeled so by your doctor. After about 30 something years of RLS in my legs I ended up with it spreading to my arms and body - I didn't think such a thing possible, unfortunately it is and there are plenty of us here suffering the same way.

Has there been any change in drugs you are taking - a lot of them can cause the RLS to increase drastically? Antidepressants and antihistamines can all cause desperate increases in RLS


are you takin PremPexola medicine, i suffer severe RLS, and cannot go without this medicine, it is a life saving reprieve for me, recently pt back onto statins and find my rls worse


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