Ahhhh,got sleep last night by using a "Tens Unit" I got out of Boots chemist.

It is a small electronic gadget bout size of phone with leads you insert in which

have rubber pads you stick on to skin,which in turn pulsate on muscles where

you place them at different intensites. Put 2 behind each knee on both hamstrings at edge of legs (which I call the hinges of leg),and gradually over

5mins or so,to full power (15) for minimum of 30mins. Have a read in bed

while you wait till it does its thing,then go to SLEEP!



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  • That sounds interesting, wonder how many RLS suffers have TENS machines lying around, would be a worthy experiment.

    Long may it last for you.

  • I have a tens machine I have had for years for back pain thank you when do you but it on and where and how long for Tony

  • Put 2 pads behind each knee on edges of leg,a

    fingers width space in centre should align them

    each side so they go over both hamstrings. Put

    power up to full 15,and leave for 30 mins. or more

    if you want to be sure.

    Sleep Well,


  • And the condom does what?😈

  • Eh....?

  • Look at the bottom of the post - under the signature.

    HU webware obviously has a software that picks up trigger phrases/words and allocates associations which it highlights at the end of the post in shadow lettering.

    In this case they got it spectacularly wrong and owe the poster a serious apology.

  • Ah, just seen it..! HU wouldnt see the posters post, so the poster or Admin needs to get in touch with HU and tell them.

  • Or they could clean up their act- the dirty minded gits!!!😝😅😲 We're a cleanminded community here, so we are! No Mrs Brown stuff here, please! 😅

  • Hi Madlegs, well spotted! Have informed HU. Let's see if anything happens. ;)


  • Really funny 😂, I thought you had lost the plot for a moment !! ;)

  • Madlegs, I thought you'd been on the hard stuff until I read Elisse's comment and your reply! I'm going to pay special attention to that shadow lettering from now on...

  • That's really interesting, I've got one and use it almost daily but I put the pads on my lower back.

    I've always found it useful for my backpain but never thought to try the pads in a different place for RLS

    thanks for the info :)

  • I will agree with that I use mine on my back ,will try legs next time they go

  • Amazing, please keep us informed . By the way are you using any meds , or what have you used before??

  • I would be really grateful if you could let us know if the benefit lasts.x

  • I have tried a TENS before and it didnt help my RLS, so one of those got to try it to find out things.

  • I had been using it with 1 pad behind knees in centre,but sometimes I had to augment it with finger massage on aforementioned ligaments (hinges). So then I figured the hinges were important,so that's when I recently doubled up pads,2 on each leg making sure they were stimulating the 2 hinges.

    So you have to make sure 2 pads are on top of each hinge

    on each leg. I had it on last night again,and worked like charm!

    Sleep Well,


  • Whoops,forgot to tell you the pulse letter to use is C.

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