Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi I'm compleatly new 2 this as I've only jus worked out it's RLS I have and not mainly depression

I've been dealing with not sleeping until early morning for years now then when I wake up I still feel so tired I'm constantly needing to stretch as I feel so tense all threw the night and early hours, then when I'm awake I feel like I've not even slept at all, and in threwout the day I get a rush panic feeling threw my chest, has any one else noticed that? it's really ruined my life for a few years now as I was diagnosed with depression and put in fluoxetine which I've just found out makes RLS worse I just thought it was a side effect I'd just have to deal with if I wanted to feel better, my doctor has never said about RLS so I'd love to finally no what treatment and medication works for this pls and it's jus really nice to find there are people with the same problem as I've only just found this out now I really don't no how to deal with it???

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What symptoms do you have? Do you have an an controllable urge to move your legs when trying to sleep/rest? That is RLS. Have you been referred to a sleep clinic to check whether you have Periodic Limb Movement during sleep (this doesn't wake you but leaves sufferers exhausted next day).

If it is RLS then you can read the treatment options on this site and ask for a referral to a neurologist with knowledge of sleep disorders. Hope you find some answers on here.

Good luck,


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Dear Emzi, you may indeed have RLS. For years I was having sleep problems and was told that I was depressive , then menopausal, until I became so ill I was diagnosed with M.E. Meanwhile my periods were so bad that I was often very anaemic , which can cause RLS. I read a book about sleep problems and found a story about an American professional man who had lost everything due to sleep deprivation. he eventually found a doctor who prescribed a dopamine drug and his life once again became manageable. I went to my doctor and after taking a dose of Ropinerole, had my first whole nights sleep in years. Since then things have changed but it was a light bulb moment and by knowing my illness I could try to deal with it and not feel completely crazy. Good luck and keep in touch with this forum. There is help here.


Hi Emzi85

I've just posted this on the RLS thread as I've been researching rls and magnesium and depression.

Research has found that in almost ALL cases of depression that there was a magnesium deficiency. Magensium deficiency is also linked to RLS. Check if your magnesium levels are deficient as this is easy to treat. Your doctor can do a blood test for this. Magnesium is vital for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Hope this helps.


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