Restless Legs Syndrome
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Background I've had restless legs for over 8 years and am on mirapexin which I am fine with as it helps me to get to sleep although I wake up every 2-3 hours. Last November year my Neurologist diagnosed a neuropathy in my feet as well and asked my doctor to check whether a whole selection of things had been tested (didn't get done at the time) Looking at the list I remembered when first diagnosed with RLS the original consultant had said to take B12, folic acid, iron and I think magnesium.......over the years I'd stopped taking them as they didn't do anything for the RLS.......but the combination has stopped the neuropathy.😀

ln the meantime I then had other health problems resulting in being diagnosed with an overactive thyroid so didn't ask my doctor until July about the tests the neurologist had asked for....Was then tested .....all 'fine' apart from Immunoglobulins - the IgA and IgM were below range. My doctor doesn't know what if anything to do about them so has written to the consultant.

Anyone else had immunoglobulins tested?????

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Hi I also had an overactive thyroid caused by Graves current been in remission for 2 years after treatment with Carbimazole. I don't know anything about Immunoglobulin exept for the basics but I would suggest if you are a member of Thyroid UK on Healthunlocked you ask there as there are some very knowledgeable members in that group. Goodluck

Pipps x


I am a member of TUK and PAS within HealthUnlocked as I have an Under Active Thyroid and last year ( after becoming very ill indeed) an Endocrinologist discovered I was Vitamin B12 deficient, and Vitamin D deficient.

The blood tests also showed that my IgA was that low it was undetectable.

Through research I was able to understand that if I have an infection in any Mucosal areas in my body that I have no antibodies to fight off that infection.

Apparently, if the Mucosal areas of our body were laid out flat they would be the size of a football field.

Some people with IgA deficiency have to take antibiotics for life, and some, like me aren't affected at all.

GP's seem to know very little about immunoglobulins.

I believe there are 7/8 different types of immunoglobulins IgA and IgM being 2.

I hope this helps willowland,

J 🍀

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Thank you both for your advice.

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Is it possible that you are taking medication for high blood pressure and that this has created a problem with your legs? I too have a problem with my legs and I take medication for H.B.

I was waking up screaming with the pain in my legs, now I use a Magnesium spay which I get from Holland and Barrett. I rub this in after my morning shower and again before I go to bed, thankfully I am no longer in pain. Don't get the tablets, they take forever to be effective.

I also take Turmeric capsules (also from Holland and Barrett) they help with pain. I take treble the recommended dose, ask them for advise.

I have pasted the reply which I wrote to another poster, hopefully it will help.



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