Vein Surgery for RLS?

I've had restless legs syndrome for several years now. I've always been hesitant to try prescription drugs because I'm worried about dependency, side effects and augmentation. But natural methods aren't cutting it.

I recently heard about a vein surgery that they claim helps 90% of RLS patients. The idea is that the blood pooling in poorly functioning, large veins in legs creates the horrible sensations. They remedy this with an outpatient procedure that closes those veins with hardly a chance of bad side effects. I went to a vein specialist who performed an ultrasound and said I have bad veins.

But I'm a generally healthy 28-year-old. My GP said since I didn't have swelling in my legs that there was no way I had bad veins or that surgery would help.

My question is: Has anyone had vein surgery for RLS? What were your results?

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  • Hi and welcome to the forum ,yes I had my veins striped about 40 yrs ago and if yours aren't bulging leave well alone,I can say it made no difference at all ,I am now 80 yrs and tryed the lot but still got it ,that was the reason for having the opp done. Good luck

  • Hi tic,

    I believe some of the past postings on VV on this forum mention an op was undertaken but it made no difference to RLS.

    If you would like to read past VV postings use the Search Button at the top of the page and type in 'varicose veins' and the posts should appear.

  • Sorry ladies should learn to read what's already on answers first

  • Hate to disappoint ,but tried the stripping years ago and I think that made them worse and only lasted a couple of years ,have recently had them injected ,for the two reasons ,horrible lumpy veins and hoping that would at least help RSL , but no change still have the last of my injections to come just a few surface ones ,if you have a look through some of the old discussions you will find out more

  • Hi ladies, sorry should have looked at answers first

  • Vein removal will achieve nothing. I had some removed in 1992. It has nothing to do with RLS.

    Forget the charlatans with their magic cures they don't work either.

    Just look through this forum and see the amount of money wasted.

    Until Medical opinion changes(It's not life threatening, so bottom of the cure queue) RLS will be with you always.

  • I agree with the others veins have nothing to do with having RLS and surgery will not help.

  • I’ve had this procedure in the hope that’ it would help with my RLS. I’ve had 3 treatment so far & can have up to 6 for the fixed price of $600. I feel a little less pain from the veins but so far RLS have had no improvement vent.

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