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New technology which could help relieve RLS symptoms


Hey, it's at a pretty steep price but I recently found a product that helps with these symptoms. RLS is often a result of improper circulation, which causes blood pooling in the legs and feet. This can cause fatigue, RLS, cold hands and feet, dizziness etc.

This little research group on FB has developed something called the HeartPartner to help alleviate these symptoms and fix the underlying problem. It's pretty interesting technology; all you have to do is put your feet on the device and these unique vibrations go out and stimulate these nerves at the bottom of the feet, stimulating blood flow. They get more technical about it on their website but this is my layman's version ahaha.

Anyway if you're interested this is their website:

And this is their Facebook:

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RLS is NOT caused by pooling of the blood in the legs and feet. That has been a "theory" for over 2 decades and sounds like questionable to me. I am sure it makes it sound good on their FB page, where I am going now. There are more and more gadgets coming out like this, and the jury is way out there. But RLS is not circulatory disease, it is neurological.

I understand that but RLS has been linked to CVD (chronic venous disorders) in many studies. While poor circulation/blood pooling may not be the "cause", it absolutely is a contributing factor which can be fixed to alleviate symptoms.

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Hi I was told if I got my varicose veins fixed it COULD get rid of my RLS ,,,THAT is a fallacy we try everything we can to get rid of our horrible twitching but after I went ahead and had my veins injected , nothing changed , my legs looked a little better but after forking out $6000.00 they should of been almost perfect ,so don't bother thinking anything like that is a fix because it's NOT and there's nothing wrong with my circulation

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You are so right Donna

If it's circulatory, then it'd only be a problem when people stand and symptoms would disappear when people are supine in bed (when gravity isn't causing blood pooling). Sorry, this makes no real sense to me... most RLS seems to be worst at night (when most people aren't standing.... except to try and relieve RLS symptoms!!!)


RLS has nothing to do with our veins. An old theory from years ago.

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Hi Elisse still giving out all advise I'm in a chare now or at least I will be And-- xx

Who has used this and found it to be useful? We need properly conducted scientific trial data before we say its good or not. Perhaps the blood pooling story is all wrong but the vibrations still do something else that does help.

Only a proper experiment that generates proper statistics can tell if it works. The trial needs to be run by some truly impartial and competent institution. Monash University might be interested as they have run a few trials that I know of. As far as I know nothing has proved to be effective but I am not involved with them in any way so I would not know what they are doing. That makes me think that I should ask if anything they have done is looking effective.

I spent £200 on a similar electrical stimulation device in the UK called Revitive in the hope it would alleviate my RLS and let me sleep at night. I've used it every day as directed for 3 months now and it has not made any difference at all. Yet more money spent trying to find something that will help.

If it works for you, great, but I wouldn't advise anyone to spend money on these devices.


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