rls and kraptom

Hi suffering for last 4 years ,,don't mind the pain but the fatigue really gets to me , doctors prescriptions ,bull ,lyrica serious side effects , saw on internet Krypton ,ordered in Spain ,immediate relief ,little or no pain immediately, sleep great , no jumping around the bed ,no adverse effects bar a little itching ,swear by it ,not addictive ,no hallucinations just a nice comfortable feeling ,USA are banning it , why ,I don't do narcotics and this doesn't feel any different than an anadin ,try a cup ,throw It away if you don't like it ,please don't ban it in uk or ireland or I'll be a criminal, Noel

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  • There are past threads on Kratom. Should you wish to find them, you can use the Search Box.


  • Thanks Kaarina, for the last 2 months stayed of alcohol ,dairy products and gluten ,and my rls got worse, done cannabis a few years ago and all I got was high , taking small doses of kratom and it works great

  • I've used Kratom in the past very successfully, in fact the best drug I've used. I've stocked up due to the UK ban and am holding off using it til current meds become completely ineffective.

    There is a lot happening with Big Pharma exerting pressure for this to be banned despite lack of evidence of much harm, (some anecdotal evidence of heavy users hallucinating after decades of misuse and if you compare that to the drugs we normally take it is much less harmful - strange how anecdotal evidence in this area is good enough evidence but not for how it works!!).

    Despite current pushes to claim it as addictive, (not saying you couldn't become psychologically dependant but that is different), many heroin users are successfully getting clean using it!!!!

    Remember utfse!!! :p :)


    Plenty more info online.

    Good luck

  • I would order a large amount of Kratom if it works for you.After September 30 it will be illegal...it has been put in a schedule 1 narcotic scale.

  • Is that in Ireland and UK,cant see why ,I don't get any highs from it and don't find it addictive

  • In the United States it will be illegal after Sept 30, in just a few days.

  • Well,the ban on kratom did not go through in the United States,but still could happen eventually.

  • Whete can I get some ain't tried it so won't know until I do I am willing to give anything a go

  • Nobler it that a drug like canabis quit frightens me ,do you mix it drink it or what. Why is it no other members are taking it ,maybe who ever has tried it will reply

  • Legalherbalshop.com is the place my son orders from.They have many different kinds,but he uses Super Green Horned Leaf.It's a powder that he mixes with hot tea.You better order right away because after Sept.30 it will be illegal.

  • It's sold as an herb in Spain ,countries are treating it as a narcotic as it's being taken in high amounts , but it's expensive and I'm sure drug abuser/users would definitely find cannabis better value, uk banning this week ,doesn't make any sense to me .I take 4gm, less than a teaspoon, it relaxes my legs and I sleep well ,I mix The teaspoon of kratom with teaspoon of water and into a paste then fill the glass with water and drink it down ,it tastes bitter .I have never felt high after ,and my wife doesnt see any difference in my demeanour .You may still get it in uk before the end of this month ,Google it

  • We are really fighting the ban in the U.S. This morning (9/26) a group of Congressmen are presenting a letter to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency--the agency that announced they are making kratom a Schedule 1 drug) asking that the ban be delayed so regular procedures (open hearings, etc.) can be followed and more research can be done. Not sure of the outcome but my guess is that we will get a delay. Turns out the DEA was shocked at the pushback they got. Apparently they thought no one but a few druggies used kratom. Now they've found out that people of all ages use it, mostly for medical reasons. It's very good for chronic pain, or for treating PTSD. It's also used by many people to withdraw from heroine or opioids. I use it for my RLS and don't know what I'll do if the ban holds. Oh, a tip: it's best to let kratom dissolved in something acidic, like orange juice. It is not water soluable, but does does dissolve in something acidic.

  • Any experience using pills of kratom. Kratom is easily found in Netherlands , is less expensive than in Spain. Shipping may be as expensing as the peoduct if ypu buy low quantities.

  • Hi Narcis,

    Yes, I've used the capsules of kratom. In fact, I make up my own. You can buy an inexpensive capsule loading machine on amazon. It's much cheaper to buy the powdered kratom than the capsules. I only use the capsules when I'm in a place where I can't use an orange juice/kratom combination, as the capsules upset my stomach a little.

  • Thanks

  • Few weeks since left a reply, one glass of kratom a day feel great, can anyone tell me if uk and us ban went through, also will I get pulled at customs with 50 g going Spain to ireland . For those reading this with doubts , it sounds like we are discussing drug trafficking or something, I just want a medicinal herb that has given me a new lease of life, non addictive , no highs , no different to johns worth, don't want to be criminalised Noel

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