Restless Legs Syndrome


I've just thought of something that I have taken for granted as helping my RLS which I've never seen mentioned: adrenaline. I'm a big motorsport fan (got a 14 year old son who is working on being a racing driver), and there's nothing like an exciting race on the telly to fix my legs. I broke all of the rules yesterday (had a beer, took my meds too late, was tired) and yet got away with it because I'd been watching a race. I've often wondered about whether an epi-pen would stop an RLS session in its tracks. Probably not advisable...

Has anyone come across this on their travels through this lovely condition?


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Distraction is well known to keep rls away. I watch rugby for same effect. Not sure if it's the actual adrenaline - but its a powerful drug.😅

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I do think that adrenaline is a factor in both keeping RLS at bay, but also causing ME etc (Which I did have, but not really now) My theory is: the adredaline was all that kept me going during the ME days and when that changed the relaxing without it left me with RLS....???

What is an epi pen?

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An epi-pen is an automatic adrenaline injection, as carried by people with serious (usually nut) allergies. It looks like a pen, but has a short needle which you fire into the patient's leg.

I know that distraction is a benefit and have used it many times, but the effect of adrenaline lasts longer, whereas distraction only works as long as you're distracted...


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