Pramipexol - a blessing in disguise??

I have had RLS for as long as I can remember & had been taking Ropinerole for the last few years which did tend to help, however in recent months my symptoms got worse to the point that I didn't have an unbroken sleep for months.

So I went to my GP who has prescribed Pramipexol 0.7mg starting at 1 per night -- I looked on here to see peoples experiences & am a little confused as there is lots of mention of side effects but I can't work out if generally people have found this to work.

I know its very early days for me but I have taken 8 tablets & had 8 good nights sleep with no RLS + no obvious side effects. For me this is a minor miracle which I hope continues & will make the most of whilst it lasts.

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  • As with all drugs people react differently. When I was first using it I found great relief and no side-effects. As the drug lost efficacy I had to have the dose increased and things then started to get nasty.

    I became hypersexualised - thinking about it nearly non-stop and could not be satisfied, (OK girls nobody post typical man). Then the disturbing thoughts started - I wanted to die, (although not kill myself) I would have had intrusive thoughts while driving that all I had to do was speed up then pull the steering wheel into a lorry or ditch and end it - I knew I would never act on these thoughts but they were distressing enough for me to stop the drug.

    I hope you have a long and happy period using them, try and keep the dose as low as possible for as long as possible and make sure you have someone around who knows you and can tell if you are acting differently - many have lost relationships sleeping around and their houses through shopping and gambling on these drugs so enjoy the rest but be cautious.

  • The RLS experts now recommended not to take more than .25mgs of Pramipexole. because of augmentation which is a big issue for those taking any dopamine med. Lots of people do get very good results from taking Pramipexole with little or no side effects. The problems come when the dose is kept being increased over time.

  • Thanks Elisse, at the moment I am on 1 x 0.7mg per day but my GP said I could increase to 2 tablets, then 3 if necessary but hopefully the 1 will continue to work. I am always reluctant to increase doseage of anything & am aware of potential probs if I do luckily my GP is pretty good so I know I have somewhere to turn.

  • Pramipexole is the same class of med and almost identical to Requip. The difference is Prami is stronger so the dose is smaller. The usual starting dose is .125 mg. One thing I would ask, you say the Requip was not working any more? Did your dose get upped and upped, and the RLS got worse after the does was upped? You may have been experiencing augmentation, or worsening of symptoms that happens when the dopamine med dose gets increased a few times. if so, be VERY careful with the dose of the pramipexole, and keep it as low as possible. After so many years, I still do not understand doctors who get an RLS patient and one dopamine med stops working, so they just give almost an identical med to take it's place. But, what works for one does not work for the next person, so it is always trial and error for each individual. one person's experience is not always the same as what you read here. All you can do is try it, and remember the doses have to be kept as low as possible. .7 is kind of a high starting dose. How much was your dose on Requip?

  • Think the Ropinerole was .25mg but I was needing usually 2 or 3 tablets so doseage wise there's not much difference. I agree it probably was augmentation so I know what to look out for in future + have read up on the side effects of pramipexol so I am aware. Main thing for me is that they are making such a big difference at least at the minute.

  • Hi there, I am due to start Pramipexole 0.125mg one a night along with Codeine phosphate, a new regime for me after being on Neupro patches (currently 4mg) and co-codamol. The patches have been good at times, but the in between nights are really bad, like I haven't been on them at all. This is the reason I am going to try something new, but I am really worried about moving over from one to the other............ Good luck to you with your meds x

  • Hi, I think change is generally good & if the Pramipexole works for you like it is for me that will be really good. I cannot believe how much better I feel after having now 9 nights sleep. I hope this continues but at worst I have managed sleep after years of up & down etc. etc.

    It is always a worrying time changing meds I guess we just have to trust the Doctors please try not to worry too much & hope the change works for you.

  • Thank you x

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