Restless Legs Syndrome

Anyone used turmeric?

Hi just wondered if anyone has tried using turmeric either in a drink or in tablet form & if so did it have any positive effects on RLS??

Our friends recommend taking turmeric on a daily basis & looking on the internet there are some anecdotal reports that usage can help with RLS symptoms.

I have tried just about everything you can think of trying to find something that helps & am going to give this a go but would welcome your thoughts.

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Hi glosman

If you type turmeric in the Search Box at the top of the page quite a few past postings will appear mentioning this. I hope this helps.


Yes I tried it but unfortunately it did not help my RLS. Don't think there is much I haven't tried but ended up on meds in the end x

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I take a corned beef sandwich to bed with me, think it contains similar compounds to turmeric. Try it, works for me.



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