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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Fed up

Hi everyone have been on Ropinerole for only a few months now ( no restless legs but every other night go to bed and just lay there ,,,end up getting up anyway but no twitches which is a bonus I suppose, to tired in the morning and just want to sleep ,,putting on the weight nothing fits on the whole hate everything about this life ,,had a moan now ,but no I don't feel any better

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Hi mopsy1950 i have now been on ropinerole for 12months, i ended going up to 2mgs which controlled it most nights, i did have odd nights when i was up. Then i started getting breakthrough during the day. I then went on to slow release tablets, due to a problem with the ordinary ropinerole. Then ended up also having to add 500micograms. I also exercise regularly which helped with weight. I also started taking a multivitamin, with magnesium, zinc and magnesium, which some people have recommended. I also have taken up colouring again, i find this helpful when i am up in the night, as you are occupying your mind, hope this helps shaft1952


Hi sorry feeling sorry for myself ,had a half knee replacement a few weeks ago ,just starting to walk properly again ,I usually do a lot of walking so hopefully I'll get back into it

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You have every right to 'feel sorry for yourself', RLS and all that comes with it is a complete and utter nightmare and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Take care x


Thank you people am just about back to ( as normal as can be ) great to have people to vent our horrid times with


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