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Augmentation or worsening RLS?

Hello, I am new to RLS-UK.

I am an otherwise very fit 61 yr old gent who has sufferred RLS for approximatly 25 years. I have been taking dopamine agonists for 10 years or so starting with ropinirole for about 8 years then neupro patch and for last two weeks, pramipexole 0.352mcg x twice daily, Gabapentin 100mg x twice daily and Tramadol 100 mg at night.

Apart from the benefit of Tramadol I am experiencing severe daytime symptoms from early afternoon. I have to remain active in order to ward off flailng legs and awful pain. I am unable to sit and read or relax. There are frequent times I feel worn out.

I have heard that Gabapentin fatten requires an increase in dosage. But I am fearful of the side effcts including any day time sedation. What advice do readers have?

Kind Regards


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Hi,I was wondering (for a bit of background information ) why you stopped the Ropinerole and the Neupro patch? What strength Neupro patch was you on up to 2 weeks ago? Due to the risk of augmentation the experts now recommended no higher than 0.088 of the Pramipexole a day so if my maths is right you are taking 4 x that amount. I will await your response to these questions before I go any further but my money is on augmentation ..Pippins2 x


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