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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Cocodamol ?

I currently take gabapentin for a trapped nerve, I have RLS and just changed from pramapexel to repriminrole I have to take my RLS meds at teatime so it doesn't cause sickness and acid reflux , last night I slept with my feet on the window ledge to keep them cold as I find that helps to keep them cold, but now I have read on here that taking Cocodomoil helps so when would I take it

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Hi I know quite a few people take gabapentin for Neuralogical probs including RLS so would of thought that would of been helping you as well with other meds,, I was on Ropinorole but didn't suit me so now on pramapexel ,have they tried you on anything for your reflux ? or sent you in to see why you have reflux,that could be hiatus hernia there are things to help with that too,,,sorry don't know about cocodamol,


All opioids can be used to treat RLS. Good info here:


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Co -Codamol can be bought over the counter in the UK. It is Paracetamol with a small amount of Codeine, much less than prescription strength Codeine. It may not be strong enough but is definitely worth a try particularly in combination with the Gabapentin. The dosing instructions will be on the pack ,I would take an hour or s before your RLS normally starts up ...Pipps x


Pippins2 the OTC cocodamol in my opinion is way below the strength needed for RLS treatment. People then run the risk of taking too much Paracetamol to get the codeine.

See a GP and see if they will prescribe the 30/500mg preparation. I had the 15/500 still stronger than the OTC stuff but wasn't effective - only the 30/500 seemed to hit it at all.


I agree Raffs thatd why i said it may not be strong enough but sometimes GPs wont prescribe even the mildest of opiates without a face to face consultation and appointments can be like gold dust,plus its weekend and poster sounds desperate so thought otc is better than nothing........Pipps x


I find Paramol very helpful, you can buy it over the counter at the chemist. I don't use it everyday, just when it gets too much and then that tends to be at night.

I find it takes away the aches and pains and helps me drift off.

It's a said to be the best you can buy without prescription and you are warned about addiction, but as with all things if you use it sensibly opioid based pain Meds are very helpful.


Ps it recently got me through an 12 hour flight.


I have always had to take my tablets before I get on a plane and that's just 3 hour flights


May14.i have joined the RLS foundation here in the Us. I have also negotiated for the Relaxis pad as I am suffering a great deal.I will keep you all posted as to any relief.The information about it is one needs a doctors prescription Then one can give what amounts to a deposit of 250dollars. If it is not satisfactory in 30days it can be returned and a refund issued which I think is fair enough.if it is kept then 100 dollars for 3months 300 in all.Hope I have not confused with my description.


I am on rotigotine and gabapetin for my RLS but I have to take co codamol every night to help with the pain so I can sleep


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