Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restless Leg Spray: DIY RLS Treatment when You Need To Do Something

I wanted to share a diy RLS spray that I have developed (at least to my liking) over a couple years of suffering with horrible RLS without having access to a bathtub for Epsom salt baths which is my preferred adjunct treatment.

I'm not suggesting this replace more traditional treatments. I also take gabapentin and lorazepam. But it is effective in the moment and gives you something to do to help yourself while the meds are working or if you are waiting for a doc's visit. I thoroughly researched the infredients. As always, do a spot treatment on a small patch of shin to make sure you don't get an adverse reaction. And please share your results!

It's definitely better if you give it a good massage when you spray to get the blood curculating. If you have access to CBD oil, use that instead of or in combination with the aloe vera.

In a 6oz bottle combine:

1.5 oz dissolved magnesium salts

1 oz each chamomile and lavender floral essence. Strong decoctions work too but then you should refrigerate the spray and it doesn't last as long. Another option is 2oz of distilled water with 12 drops each of lavender and romantic chamomile essential oil. All of these methods are chemically different but they do work, on me at least! 

1 oz decoction of mugwort. Do not use essential oil, it is an irritant. Get an ounce of dried herb and simmer it for 15 mins or until half volume. Also, skip this if you are allergic to ragweed. It's worth it if you aren't because it does seem to calm the angry beast.

1.5 oz aloe vera gel

4-6 drops vetiver essential oil

Shake before use.

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