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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi everyone.

I'm new to website just generally feeling my way. I have a thrombotic illness first blood clot at 20 last one 3 years ago. I've had RLS 30 years although haven't always know what it was. It was only recently that my Cardiovasologist said and agreed it could be that. I take Amitripyline at night which does help a bit. Has anyone else had the same experience with their Dr that they don't recognize it as a illness ?

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Amitriptyline can for most of RLSers make RLS worse, so if its helping you, then you are lucky. Lots of doctors in the past and even these days have a hard job to realise that what the patient is suffering with is RLS and needs to be treated. Do you have all the criteria for RLS as your cardio said it could be what you have..?


Hi, welcome to the forum. I've had RLS all my life. Whilst I've never visited a doctor specifically for RLS, I have mentioned it recently to various members of the medical profession pre- and post-op as I needed to make sure I carried on taking Tramadol, and also when I was being prescribed some more medicine. I've found they tend to look as though they're listening and nod their heads, and then do the complete opposite of what you've said you need. So no, I don't think many of them take it seriously at all, or don't know what it is.


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