Restless Legs Syndrome

Another Night !!!!!

went to bed 11am as soon as I hit the pillow legs were off kicking wriggling in the bed out of bed so up I got walking around and around the front room is,nt it crazy, I even went outside to get my washing in at 4am in the rain & wind , sat with hot water bottle on my thigh,s and eventualy they stopped or I shut down with tiredness, it was interesting to read other lady,s comments about it being hereditry mostly, no chance of pregnancy or other illness being the cause i,lle ask my mum later if she has anything similar Thanks for all your replies it is very enlightning

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It's such a pain isn't it? Sometimes I find a really hot bath, (hot enough to make you feel sick!!) can take the edge off.

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hi. RLS is rearly horrible makes you feel how long can you go on and how much more can one take. I read someone tryed Ibuprofen i gave it a go and it works i still take Pramipexole though


Ibuprofen gel is the only thing that works for me at the moment, but Im worried because its not good to take all the time x


Thankyou all for your comments and suggestions will try, had a free night last night but I am cautious now as I lay down thinking are they going to start !


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