Another night

Here I go again up as soon as I got to bed they were off I spent the next hour marching round the living room, walking on the spot if it were videod I cud be on candid camara ! what a strange thing this is , one thing did help I found if I sat on the edge of the couch and rocked back and forth it was easier, and it must have settled a bit because thats were my husband found me asleep .....

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  • Hi anglebird if that doesn't work and you can get on the floor and sqush on the parts that's playing up ,hurts at first then after a while it does settle then just keep changing to different areas sit and rock with hands out pushing hard on top of legs then concentrate on bottom of leg pushing and rocking until they settle you'll find different moves for different parts just push the muscle in on the nerve hope this helps

  • Thankyou Mopsy I will try that anything to stop the feeling of keep moving them isnt it a strange thing and seems to be always at night just as you are trying to settle, not in the day when you are moving naturaly .. fingers crossed it not tonight

  • Goodluck

  • Hello Angelbird, i'm new here but already I've seen so many people saying the same things as me. Yeah I get to bed, everything's as OK as it can be, I start reading, one leg (it's always only one at a time) starts kicking, I get up, I give it a hard massage to smooth out the lumpy knotted bits, I stand up playing games on my phone, I try again, back to bed, and that can go on for several attempts till I am cold, worn out, and fed up. I think the most times is four but that's another half hour at least after I meant to be asleep and it adds up. I think it's the most annoying time cos i just want to be in bed. But then it'll wake me up as well as spoil my TV watching. How about you??

  • Just like me, It is driving me insane

  • Hello Alison love ur user name how apt

    it always waits till I go to bed both legs start together I can feel them wanting to move I try to resist but can,t I have been to te gym today and do a session on the stepper, my episode was last night so I will see if it strikes tonight, but like u said u have to get up isnt it ridiculless u want so much to go to bed and yet here we are stepping and marching round in the dark ! I must say though it does not wake me up I am usualy that shattered I must conk out , but I dont try and go back to bed as I know I wud be to uncomfortable I have often thought of tying straps round them that wud keep the b...dy things still ....ha ha

  • Hi angelbird and alison, what meds are you both taking for your RLS. you may have said in another post but can you remind me.

  • none for Rsl ...... codiene & cyltropram I have not been to doc,s with leg,s it just sounds so ridiculas and she is a young doctor whom we have only just joined and will probably by past attitude think I am some sort of crank ....

  • Well you are taking a anti-depressant and nearly all anti-depressants can make RLS worse. Codeine can help with RLS but i am sure the anti-depressant is making your RLS worse and so the codeine is not working for you. How long have you had the RLS, for years or recently, did you have depression before you had the RLS.

    I am hoping that being a young doctor she will know something about RLS. Look at this website its USA based and i dont know where you live, in the UK, or USA or another country. But the website is pretty much general for everyone who has RLS. the treatment page has a list of meds for RLS and meds which can for most of us make things worse. You will see the list of anti-depressants.

  • Thankyou for your reply Elisse, I am in the UK, had depression before the rls, perhaps it,s a menopausal thing as well ?? I am 54 and probably had odd bout of it last couple of years but ,,,, just lately I am lucky if I go a week so not as extreme as some appear to have and are suffering , it,s such a funny thing to have though I will check out that web site would like to know a bit more about it ,

    Best Wishes


  • Angelbird. Sorry you are suffering from this awful rls once it gets you that's it though you might get help it's always there waiting to play you up , I have had it for 47. Yrs and at the minute it's going the same way as you but I hope mine is just a blip and the med starts working again all I want is a good nights sleep then we can cope with the day ,good luck x

  • Hi Beady 3 47 years that is a long time to have RLS how have you managed to keep sain it's enough to drive anyone round the bend ?

  • Well Mopsey you have to manage don't you,I have just had years of taking pills and rubbing cream, holidays spoilt nights and days spoilt family get together spoilt at one point when my legs were so bad I couldn't drive because the pain was so bad ,well I am 80 soon and I expect my legs will still be playing up ,on Tramodol at the min and it's not to badddddd ,hope we all have a good night x

  • Thanks Beady3

    fancy all them years ! I had hoped it may be a passing thing as I have not been a regular sufferer of it before, indeed I had not heard about it before and just thought it would stop by itself, worst of it is you never know the night there does not seem to be any pre symptoms it just happens funny thing is,nt it not painfull just so annoying ...

  • I also sit on my love seat, and put my legs in between seat and arm, where it is tight and try to make them go numb, sometimes after about an hour I might go to sleep...Might is a big word here. I am so TIRED

  • This is EVERY NIGHT

  • I am 80 And have had R L S since I was 10 it gets worse as one gets older and I was on dilapidated for many years after trying everything imaginable.I am unable to have it iiI due to a heart condition but have not had a decent nights sleep since it was stopped.i see I made a mess typing dilaudid.It never bothered me the thought of addiction as the alternative was worse in any event I did not have with drawl when it was abruptly stopped. And at my age what does it matter? 

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