Restless Legs Syndrome
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Have worked in engineering for over 50years and have suffered with restless legs for about 25years often not sleeping and have been taking medication for over 15 years and I feel the reason for my condition is the fact I have been standing up sometimes over 12 hours a day has lead to this,yet the industrial injures do not cover this and I and many others I have spoken too feel as I do that this must have a part if not all to the reason,I would like your opinion on this ?

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Hi, there are two types of RLS, Primary and Secondary. Primary is genetic, inherited from a parent, the gene gets passed down. Secondary, is from an underlying condition. such as low ferritin, taking certain meds, being pregnant and a couple more that slip my memory. I have never heard of anyone developing RLS because of standing for hrs. Standing for hrs is probably not helping the RLS. Who have you been talking to who agree with you that your standing job is the reason you have RLS.? RLS is neurological so comes from the brain not our legs, its just that it affects our legs and other parts of the body.


Hi Ray.J sorry you have got rls but know way is it caused from standing up most of the day no one that has rls will agree with you on that If you have had it for 25 yrs havnt you been to the docs


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