Restless Legs Syndrome
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Iv had rls since 2002 7 years after having pin put in leg at the age of 23 years old its got worse over the years, I hardly sleep at night now can get up 22 times in one night pacing up & down I find 1pt of guiness day helps abit but iv only started drinking it two days ago so we will see in 2 month if

it really inproves you just learn to live with it get naps when you can..

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Hi Madamonk,

Have you tried Dopamine agonist drugs such as Rotigotine or Pramipexole. I use the latter and my RLS hardly interferes with sleep at all. My RLS goes bonkers if I start to wean myself off the Pramipexole.

The main disadvantage is when you come to stop taking them. Lots of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Have a search around the web for DAWS.

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Hi i was told to take iron tablets I started on them yesterday I was fine last night so hope they are going to work x


Hi unfortunately alcohol will make RLS worse for the vast majority of us , just one glass of wine is enough to send mine crazy! There are lots of treatments for RLS , have you tried any medications as getting up 22 times a night I am sure you will agree is not a good way to live!


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