I need a cure. we all need a cure . or a way to ease it so we can get a proper night sleep. has anyone actually got a cure , every night not getting asleep till 3 am . alarm clock going off at 5.25am and up for work . tired as hell struggling all day with being tired . would love to find a quiet corner and just fall asleep. I can fall asleep anytime during the day .

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  • Sleeping tablets?...if only...I know they're too addictive to be on them any length of time. So far I've found nothing really works, but then again I'm very new to this horrible condition.

  • Opiates are the only reliable and long term solution.

    Problem is that society has this hang up on addiction and wont allow it to be generally available.

  • Please try Magnesium it does help honest

  • What kind of magnesium?

  • Magnesium Oxide it says on the box with Vitamin B Complex

  • Did it work with first pill?

  • Yes it did.

  • m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/331...

    U should like this.

  • In terms of RLS sufferers the important point I think is that it can bind to GABA receptors. Another woman on here Lauraflora will not be without them.

    Be well!!!

  • Please do try Magnesium all the health shops sell it I get it from Healthspan and take 1 tablet in the evening it really stops the tingling

  • Hi Andy. New to this site and didn't realise how common this problem was until the documentary tonight on channel five. I know exactly how you feel. Have tried various exercises recommended by my doctor, diets off the interweb and now Pramipexole. But by far the best remedy I discovered by accident. Was watching my daughter make one of those friendship bracelet things and realised I had forgotten about the RLS. So now I've started weaving paracord bracelets. Pramipexole takes about 2 hours to kick in whereas 20 minutes solidly concentrating on weaving a bracelet does the trick for me and I find i get a good night's sleep after. I realise this won't work for everyone, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I really hope you find something that helps you. Take care.

  • Please try Magnesium I get mine from Healthspan with Vitamin B complex it has worked for me try it and let us know

  • You're obsessed,it only works for the lucky few I'm afraid.

  • I tried magnesium, but it didn`t make any difference. I used to drink tonic water until I read that it`s bad for the heart if taken regularly. I wouldn`t take parkinson`s meds because of the side effects. I`d try pot, if i knew where to get some.

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